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Skript Tools SkCreator | GUIS | Events | Commands | Messages | Broadcasts | & MUCH MORE TO COME! Beta-v0.0.3

Create scripts in-game with only commands! No coding knowledge needed!

  1. Recoded | Smoother Performance | Major Changes | New Features | Removed Features | & MORE! |

    New Features:

    - Timers (Every x Seconds)
    - Looping through all players
    - Auto Reload feature
    - File reset feature (Clears the entire file fair notice on this!)
    - Command Aliases
    - Command Arguments
    - Redone the main gui
    - Added in an "addons" tab in the main gui (Addon support coming soon)
    - Messages working with looping through all the online users method.
    - When creating the code you no longer need to specify the file, It automatically is staying for life there until you specify a new...
  2. Recode | Huge Update! | GUI Overhall| Command Overhall & MUCH MORE!

    Removed Things:

    - Commands to create guis
    - Commands to create commands
    - Commands to create player events
    - Command help menu
    - Command arguments
    - Removed SkUtilities Support! ( No longer needed just use Skent )

    Added/Updated Things:

    - Updated the /skcreator command to open the SkCreator menu.
    - Added category paths ( to the gui )
    - Added the leave event
    - Added a reset effect when creating commands, guis and player events
    - Added a better create script feature