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SkCreator | GUIS | Events | Commands | Messages | Broadcasts | & MUCH MORE TO COME!

Discussion in 'Script Tools' started by DerpyTurtlez, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. DerpyTurtlez

    DerpyTurtlez New Member

    Mar 6, 2019
    Likes Received:
    What Is SkCreator?

    SkCreator is a new project i have started to make skript even more simplified then what it currently is, You can create Scripts through in-game via commands read more down below on all the features we have as of this current version!!

    Why did i make SkCreator?

    I made SkCreator to make it for server owners who use skript and don't know how to use it to make it more simplified for them. Everything is automated via commands in-game and it adds it to the skript file in real time!

    Please do note though there is no auto reload feature at the moment, so we do advise for you to reload it manually!!

    Addons Needed:

    - Skent
    - SkUtilities

    Current Features:

    - Commands
    - Guis
    - Events
    - Permissions
    - Permission Messages
    - Cancel Event statement
    - Broadcast messages
    - Send messages
    - Join messages
    - Leave messages
    - Death messages
    - Reload scripts
    - Delete scripts
    - Create scripts
    - Item slot setting for guis! ( Name & Lore support coming soon! )
    - GUI Click events


    - /skcreator


    - skcreator.use ( Required to use /skcreator )

    Video of it in action:

    - Coming Soon

    Support Discord Server:

    - https://discord.gg/pehvra5ZZa

    Screenshots (More coming soon):

    View attachment 6620 View attachment 6621 View attachment 6622

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