Script PrisonCore 1.1.13

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Forgot to implement broken block fix, it has been implemented now.
[+] Shop system recoded and is actually functional now
[+] Prestiges now save
[+] Tokens now save
[+] 10+ Smaller bug fixes

* The shop system is inefficient due to how skript works and I fully recommend using @clip 's AutoSell
A hotfix to some broken block textures, and fixing gamemode creative. More patches will be applied to this, please be aware there will be some warning, I believe skript has an error with how it reads blocks so I am forced to use IDs for the time being, I am in contact with the developers of SK. Thank you.
This update makes the core much more stable, and adds a second economy, and it adds a shop that will accept XP, the second economy, or Money. This makes creating shops easier then EVER.


[+] Second economy + shop
[+] Lots of bug fixes and code optimizations