Script PrisonCore 1.1.13

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- Removed debug messages
- Fixed several bugs breaking the shop
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A couple general bug fixes and removed some left-over debug info.
[+] Fixed rank/prestige breaking on force kick for some users
[+] Made a patch to fix a bug I experienced with liteperms
[+] Several other smaller code fixed
A small bug in how we set your region for autosell was found, this should fix it up.
I left debug messages in for sellall and autosell, my bad.
Also we hit 350 downloads, thanks so much <3
[+] Deposit tokens message (+ lang)
[+] Withdraw tokens message (+ lang)
[+] 2 Small patches
Issue 1 was fixed: SkQuery not in dependencies.
Issue 2 was fixed: Old version of Vixio in provided dependency zip

Some code cleanup was done, nothing that changes anything just made it a bit cleaner (So technically like nano seconds faster)
Coal seems to be buggy for me in skript so for the meantime I coded a patch, if anything else is not working right let me know. :emoji_slight_smile:
I found a way to use item stack values instead of looping through every item, it has sped it up from taking almost 3 seconds to sellall. (Very laggy) to pretty much instant.

I now can fully recommend using the Prison Core's integrated shop system. More updates coming asap.
Sell all has been sped up, it it still decently slow but it has been sped up by 2x, I will keep trying to make it more efficient. Tokens also can now be withdrawn and deposited to be traded by players!