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Script PrisonCore 1.1.1

Prison Core, Discord integration, Autosell, Constantly updated

  1. Alontrle
    Prison Core Version: 1.1.1

    What is Prison Core?

    Prison Core is what it's named, a core being made for prison. The core is coded in skript but all data is stored in the plugins folder. There are configs and player data. The core currently only does rankups and prestiges but it will eventually handle everything and disregarding skript and the addons will be a stand alone prison core.

    - Skript (here)
    - SkUtilities (here)
    - SharpSK (here)
    - Vixio (here)
    - Tuske (here)
    - PermissionsEx (here) or LuckPerms
    - Any Economy plugin (iConomy or Essentials works)
    - Vault (here)

    Or download them from: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/prisoncore-installation/
    Current Features:
    - Rankups
    - Prestiges
    - ChatFormat
    - Placeholders
    - Config Based (Everything is customizable)
    - Discord Integration
    - Discord commands (-ip, -website)
    - Motd
    - Autosell + sellall
    - Fortune block
    - Auto inventory
    - Playtime
    - Second economy (With token enchant support)

    - Mines
    - Cells
    - Miners Boost
    - Boosts
    - Auto Miners
    - Investing / Stock Market
    - Ban system
    - Web interface
    - MySQL support


    Support discord: We also post updates and early access.
    I have a support discord, the link is https://discord.gg/U2xYB4q you can also private message me on spigot I check that often.The discord has a test server with a test integration of the bot. Come check it out!

    Wiki: We now have a wiki page for documentation and support, come check it out! https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/prisoncore/


    Server commands:
    /rankup | Allows a user to rankup
    /rankupmax | Allows a user to rank up as far as they can.
    /prestige | When a player hit's the max level they can prestige
    /prisoncore | The main admin command, all admin commands will go under this. This requires the permission pc.admin
    /rankadmin | The admin command for setting up/editing rankups. This requires the permission pc.admin.rank
    /rankadmin | The admin command for setting up/editing shops and requires the permission pc.admin.shop
    /autosell | Command to auto sell as mining, requires the permission pc.autosell
    /sellall | Command to sell items in your inventory

    Discord commands:
    -stats | Shows users their in game money count
    -ip | Sends the server IP in chat
    -website | Sends the server website in chat


    pc.admin - Prisoncore admin commands
    pc.chat.color - Allows you to use color in chat
    pc.admin.rank - Allows you to use rank admin command
    pc.admin.shop - Allows you to use the shop admin command
    pc.autosell - Allows users to autosell
    pc.shop.(shop) - allows a user to sell to the shop


    Terms and Conditions:
    - Do not claim you made it
    - You may edit the file, but if you do no support will be given to you.
    - It's your duty to make sure all dependencies are installed and working on your server.

Recent Updates

  1. Shop fixes
  2. Tokens + Fixes + More
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