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Addon Plosk | The PlotSquared 5 Addon 1.0.1

Ever wanted PlotSquared 5 support? Well here's your answer!

  1. ReportCards
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16, 1.17
    The addon to PlotSquared 5
    This addon adds 11 events, 16 expressions, and 2 conditions. All related to making management for PlotSquared easier! You can change trusted players in a plot, get the border blocks, change flags, and more now, with ease!

    All events, expressions, and conditions are very roughly documented on the GitHub release (
    https://github.com/ReportCardsMC/Plosk/releases/tag/production) and will be documented on skUnity as soon as possible.

    - PlotSquared 5
    - WorldEdit (PlotSquared requires it as well)
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Recent Updates

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