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Script NBTSk [Help with NBT in items with scripting] v1.2.0

NBTSk allows you to save items with nbt tags and use it without large codes that won't work

  1. Aidanete
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Hi! I'm Aidanete and I'm back with a very useful script.

    A few ago I wanted to use custom heads in my scripts but I didn't find out how, so this script can make your life easier because this can store items with nbt tags that they can be used in your scripts. Of course you may know that this is for personal use, because this items stores in variables, so this works if you are making scripts for your server or you work directly on another's server

    No more than Skript

    It don't have, but I can add them in the future

    I will make a tutorial soon, I will post a link to it here, so you can see the commands

    If you have issues, comment them below