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Script Mining Minions 2.1

These are miner minions with upgradeable levels

  1. DarklordX89
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    unknown.png This Skript contains mining minions which have chest linking and upgradeable speeds.

    These Minions have moving arms and are actually really cool.
    These minions can link up to chests that are within 5 blocks of the minion.
    Chest Linking will make it so whenever the minion mines the block in front of it the item goes directly into the chest!

    /giveminion [<tier>] give yourself a minion of any tier (allows you to go above level 10 BUT its pointless to go for above level 10 because it is no different)
    /minionefficiency [<efficiency>] changes your minions efficiency level (does not change minion tier only use this for testing)
    minion.give - Gives access to /giveminion
    minion.efficiency - Gives access to /minionefficiency
    Skript 2.6
    SkJade 1.3.4
    SkBee 1.14.0
    Skript-Reflect 2.2.3
    SkQuery 4.1.5


    To Do:
    Add support for more than 1 minions - Done
    Add more minions such as butcher - and a farmer
    Add more upgrades like fortune and smelting for miner minion, after other minions are done add replanting for farmer minion and fortune, add looting, sharpness, auto smelt for butcher!