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  1. JarBinks

    Solved Mining skript not working

    Hi, I have a skript that when certain pickaxes mine blocks, it puts the blocks in the players inventories. It works for all the pickaxes execpt for the coal pick, iron pick, and the diamond pick. Also, how do I make it so no other blocks will drop, only if it gets mined by the correct picaxe. #...
  2. D

    3x3x3 blast mining and telekinesis

    Hello everyone! I need help with my skript: on mine: if player's held item is netherite pickaxe named "&cBlast I": if event-block is netherrack or bedrock or nether bricks or black stained glass or nether wart block or magma block: cancel event send "&cHey...
  3. P

    Solved Problem with upgrading (no errors)

    I'm trying to make a skript where when you right click with it, it'll upgrade the pickaxe. Not gonna show the full skript, but if you wan't it i'll give it to you the issue: every tick: loop all players: if amount of {pick::*} = 2: replace wooden pickaxe named "&7Wooden...
  4. K

    Loop blocks within 2 locations

    Skript version: 2.4.1 Minecraft Version: 1.16.1 Code: loop all blocks within block at {_location-1} and block at {_location-2}: The code works - however, rather than looping all blocks within the 2 locations, its only looping blocks between the 2 locations. Any solutions?
  5. OldDogEyesCo

    Script Special Tools 1.0

    What is this? Special Tools is a skript that aims to change your survival experience. It makes it so tools, those that are found and crafted, will be able to be upgraded via mining with them. When the tools level up, they will have a chance to get an enchantment. (Only tested on 1.12.2, let me...
  6. Selvati

    Solved 3x3 mining

    I'd like someone to make a skript for me that when a player mines with a diamond pickaxe, it mines a 3x3x1 depending on what direction they're looking too, if they're look horizontal it breaks 3x3x1 if they're looking vertical it breaks 3x1x3 and all blocks drop the right things when they break...