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Script Special Tools 1.0

Adds special tools that can be upgraded by mining to your game!

  1. OldDogEyesCo
    OldDogEyesCo (Me)
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    What is this?
    Special Tools is a skript that aims to change your survival experience. It makes it so tools, those that are found and crafted, will be able to be upgraded via mining with them. When the tools level up, they will have a chance to get an enchantment. (Only tested on 1.12.2, let me know if it works in other versions)

    Resources You'll Need

    Installation Instructions
    1. Download the Special Tools Plugins [1.0].zip file in the Drive Folder (under Resources You'll need).
    2. Upload that file to your /plugins/ folder, then unzip. If you now have duplicates, feel free to delete the ones from the .zip file you just unzipped.
    3. Restart the server.
    4. Navigate to /plugins/Skript/scripts/, and place the special tools [1.0].sk file in that folder. This file can be downloaded in the Drive Folder, or here.
    5. Make a new folder in the /plugins/Skript/scripts/ folder named "special tools", then upload the config.yml file that can be found in the google drive folder.
    6. Log onto your server, and use the command "/sk reload special tools". If you don't get any errors, you did everything correctly!

    Special Tools includes these features:
    - All tool data is NBT based. Any plugin that supports NBT data on items will work with the tools in this plugin.
    - Different Rarities. Specify different tool rarities in your config.yml. The rarities can have enchantment level caps, tool names, and more!
    - Custom Enchantments. This plugin has 8 different enchantments that can be put onto the tools, two of which are Fortune and Efficiency.
    - Central Command. You can use the command "/st" to give a player a special tool, level up a tool for free, and more. There are permission nodes for the command, so players can't abuse it.

    Command (/st)
    /st - Main command - Permission Node: specialtools.use
    /st give <player> <item type> - Gives <player> a special tool of type <item type> - Permission Node: specialtools.give
    /st reload - Reloads your config.yml - Permission Node: specialtools.reload
    /st ench <enchantment> [level] - Enchant the special tool you're holding with the enchantment <enchantment> with level [level]. If [level] is omitted, it will simply add 1 level to <enchantment> - Permission Node: specialtools.ench
    /st rarity <rarity> - Set the rarity of the tool you're holding to <rarity> - Permission Node: specialtools.setrarity
    /st xp <amount> - Adds <amount> XP to the tool you're holding - Permission Node: specialtools.xp

    Efficiency - Vanilla enchant
    Fortune - Vanilla enchant
    Laser - Shoots an egg when right clicked that will break blocks.
    Speed - Gives the holder of the tool speed.
    Haste - Gives the holder of the tool haste.
    Wisdom - Gives a chance for double XP when a block is broken.
    Night Vision - Gives the holder of the tool night vision.
    Jump - Gives the holder of the tool jump boost.

    Contact Me
    If you need anything, feel free to message me on discord, at Valgo#8445.
    If you have anything you want me to add, feel free to ask! :emoji_slight_smile: