Magic Wands

Script Magic Wands 2.0.0

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It wont work at all your discord tag doesnt show up and there isn't any support (except the non working discord) i tried uninstalling the plugins and reinstalling and it give me a horrible error
Seems like a nice skript and I think I know where you got your inspiration from: :)
Awesome resource, apples and watermelons are great.
Changing my review since the author fastly fixed why I requested, keep up the good job.
Thanks for changing your review, if you can think of anything else I can do to improve it, please let me know.
Awesome resource and developer. He also likes Apples.
thank you for your rating, I'll keep working on improving the skript.
The concept is nice but the way you executed it is just not the right one. Mainly talking about the usage of skQuery's format slot here.
I reworked all the GUIs and now it no longer uses skQuery for handeling the GUIs
Best EmpireWand Skript EVER!!!! xD it's a good skript it's a lot of FUN!
Your code looks good and the wands are just awesome to use, keep up the good work!