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Script Magic Wands 1.10.0

Magic wands, that do cool things!

  1. 1.10.0 Added Spells And Fixed Critical Bug

    Update log:
    Added FlameThrower spell.
    Added FlameShokWave spell.
    Added KajFreeze spell.
    reworked BloodBlock spell. (had some issues and was not efficient)
    Now uses more metadata, so less variables.
    Fixed critical issue, all damage was half of what it was intended to be.
    Minor bug fixes
  2. 1.9.9 Bug and exploit fix update

    Update log:
    Setting a cooldown will no longer throw an error at you,
    All spells that are waves couldn't be used twice on the same entity. [found by x_CalPvP_x]
    The skript now uses more metadata instead of variables.
    The second line of the lore is now invisable.
    Rafgwolfs can no longer be used on the spawned wolfs.
    Minor bug fixes (the things I forgot to mention)
    The wands from the previous version are still usable, on interaction with the wands they will automaticly update to...
  3. 1.9.8a a bunch of small features

    Update log:
    some code clean up,
    updated the tab completer (it is now more compact),
    reworked some stuff so it is now softcoded,
    added link to resource page in wands info,
    added command for requiering players to have permission wand.use in order to be able to use the wands,
    removed reload command,
    variable storage is more efficient,
    the skript now deletes irralivant variables created by the skript on load,
    minor bug fixes.
  4. 1.9.7b

    update log:
    minor bug fixes
    the text at the top of the skript was wrong
    added /wands spells to the tab completer, it was missing for some reason
  5. 1.9.7a The last finishing touches before the version for 1.13

    Update log:
    the selector is now more compact.
    the sounds can no longer be heared from other worlds.
    reworked a lot of variable handeling, unneeded variables will now have a lot less of a change of being stored.
    some precautions for preventing the same wand to exist twice (only works for when you drop a wand while having more of the same wand in your inventory. I still don't recommand duplicating a wand, just create a new one)
    some spells weren't working doing any...
  6. 1.9.6 Death message support and more stabel GUI

    update log:
    - added support for death messages
    - reworked the GUI (now uses the vanilla skript GUI instead of the skQuery GUI)
    - fixed when creating a custom wand the selected spell wasn't set by default so you'd have to right click first to set it, now you can use it right away
    - added when unregistering a wand the wand creator menu automaticly pops
    - fixed some sounds were not working at all
    - fixed sounds could be heared from another world if near the same coordinates
  7. Compatible with latest skript

    Update log:
    reworked a lot of stuff

    I don't recommand duplicating a wand in any way, if you want to give someone a wand just create a new one. if there exist two of the same wand they work parralel.

    update log:
    - added tab completion
    - added custom wands support and aditional features
    - some permissions didn't behave propperly
    - minor bug fixes
    - all the lores are compacted
    - changed up some commands
    - wands created in previous updates no longer work
    - the update requires you to also download skUtillities (link in the resource page)
  9. 1.8.0 Mephi Wand Added!

    Update log:
    + Mephi Wand and additional spells
    + the spell that appears on your action bar when selecting a spell is now bold
    * everything is reworked. (the API for custom wands is also finished)
    * the LightningArrow spell is replaced by PoisonWave, the LightningArrow had some flaws that were too hard to fix
    * You might notice that some spells appear on multiple wands, thanks to the rework all spells are dynamic
    * minor bug fixes
  10. 1.7.9 compatible with the latest version of skript

    Update log:
    - Fixed
    usage of command showed wrong syntax
    issue in the help menu
    now supports the latest version of skript
    some weird cooldown message behaviour was going on, that's fixed
    - Reworked
    the way entities are damaged no longer ignores armor and is more balanced
    the targeting system is compacted and improved
    some spells are improved
    - Features
    + support for /ver[sion] magicwands
    - you can no longer use a leap/escape while in mid air
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