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Script Magic Wand 2017-03-05

An awesome magic wand for your server!

  1. sandor_1234
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10
    This plugin adds a magic wand to your server with more than 20 Spells!!
    I made the plugin for my server: kingdomserver.nl
    So please hop on sometime :emoji_slight_smile:
    If you have any ideas or suggestions for this plugin leave them in the discussion tab above.

    /skywand - See information about the plugin
    /skywand get [Player] - Give some one or yourself a SkyWand

    Skywand.use - Gives the player permission to use the wand
    Skywand.get - Is needed to use the /skywand get command

    • Launch
    • Explosive
    • Teleport
    • Lightning
    • ExplosiveWave
    • LightningSpam
    • DiscoSheep
    • CrazyWolfs
    • Spark
    • RainBowBall
    • Meteor
    • KnockBackBall
    • Confuse
    • Leap
    • Capture
    • DarkPulse
    • Heal
    • FireShield
    • FlameThrower
    • Grab
    • Explode
    • Comet

    Depends on:

    Click here

    None, if you made a video about my plugin contact me and i will add it here.

    By downloading this plugin you agree with the sandor_1234 ToS:
    We deserve the right time to change any condition/rule and you will agree with any version of it!

    Software License:

    1. Modifying the plugin/skript plugin is allowed ONLY for your personal use and will be used only in your own proxy network servers!

    1. Reselling/Re-posting the plugin will result as report.
    2. Leaking/Copying/Stealing the plugin's code in any form isn't allowed.
    3. You will NOT call/claim the plugin as your own.
    For other support ,contact me using my spigot account (sandor_1234)

Recent Reviews

  1. ExSterben
    Version: 2017-03-05
    Very good bro... I like the all effect that you created in this skript :)
    1. sandor_1234
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! I really appreciate it <3