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Block movement is now disabled (it wont block movement) as default.
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- Uses UUID instead of usernames
- Custom function for sending messages
- Blocks the on click event, which disables damaging players, breaking and placing blocks
- Blocks being damaged before logging in
- Blocks movement before logging in (can be disabled)
- and much more!

Please report any bugs.
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That's what happens when you rush an update.
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I fixed some things that were broken...

Leave a review if you get any errors or need help!
Passwords are now salted! This adds an extra level of security to your password. This update requires all users to create a new password.

+ Added salted passwords
+ Added a /lockoutx command

Coming soon... an easy way to update LockoutX!
Now, instead of storing passwords as plain text, passwords are now hashed!
Users who are not logged in can't modify the world.