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Script Just OK Login 1.1

Finally, a login skript safe for server owners and players

  1. Pikachu
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    • Skellett
    • SkStuff
    • SkQuery
    • MundoSK
    • Skript 2.2+ (preferably Bensku fork)
    • SkUtilities
    • Passwords are hashed and salted (a player's plaintext password is never stored)
    • Salts are randomly generated and stored for each player
    • Utilizes packets to create commands so that login commands are not logged and therefore passwords are not logged
    • Stops logged out players from moving without the use of any events
    • Very configurable, every message and important option can be changed
    • Utilizes pepper
    • Logs out a player automatically if their IP changes between logins (on by default)
    • You can choose the amount of time as user can be logged out for before they are forced to log in again next time they log in (by default, this is set to 180 seconds)
    • You can reset passwords
    • Uses UUID to store passwords
    • ipchange
      Valid values: true/false
      Default: true
      Description: If true, players are forced to login if their IP changes between logins
    • kickfortries
      Valid values: true/false
      Default: true
      Description: If true, players are kicked after incorrectly entering their password a configurable amount of times
    • maxtries
      Valid values: Any integer
      Default: 5
      Description: The amount of incorrect guesses a player gets before being kicked if kickfortries is true
    • resetperm
      Valid values: Any text
      Default: reset.password
      Description: The permission needed to use /resetpass
    • gravity
      Valid values: true/false
      Default: false
      Description: Whether or not the login armor stand should be affected by gravity
    • timeout
      Valid values: Any integer
      Default: 180
      Description: #The time, in seconds, a user has to be logged off before they have to log in again when they rejoin (set to 0 for none)
    • list
      Valid values: Any valid list variable name
      Default: logindetails
      Description: The name of the list variable used to store passwords, salts and other data
    For other skripters:
    Just Ok Login has 4 MundoSK Custom events:
    • Login (login)
    • Register (register)
    • Incorrect password (incorrectpass)
    • Kicked for too many tries (incorrectkick)