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Script Just OK Login 1.1

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Addon Developer
Jan 25, 2017
Pikachu submitted a new resource:

Just OK Login - Finally, a login skript safe for server owners and players

  • Skellett
  • SkStuff
  • SkQuery
  • MundoSK
  • Skript 2.2+ (preferably Bensku fork)
  • Passwords are hashed and salted (a player's plaintext password is never stored)
  • Salts are randomly generated and stored for each player
  • Utilizes packets to create commands so that login commands are not logged and therefore passwords are not logged
  • Stops logged out players from moving without the use of any events
  • Very configurable, every message and...

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But it's hashed with MD5, a deprecated algorithm. Never use MD5 when hashing passwords.
Yeah, I know MD5 has collisions. I suppose I could've added skutilities to hash with SHA-256 (maybe I will, at a later date), but my main worry here wasn't true security but rather server owners or more specifically malicious staff being able to easily access passwords since in a ton of other login skripts passwords are just stored as plaintext.
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Pikachu updated Just OK Login with a new update entry:

SHA-256 hashing, Peppers, events, kick fix and multiple potential salts

If you update to this, you will have to reset all player's passwords. I've provided a function for this in the update that can be called via
Now requires SkUtilities

Added peppers, SHA-256 hashing (by default), custom events and multiple potential salts...
Custom events added:
Login (login)
Register (register)
Incorrect password (incorrectpass)
Kick for too many tries (incorrectkick)

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