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API jaylawl's (scoreboard) TagAPI 2.1.2

Allows storage of persistent data on any entity

  1. Custom expression/condition Update

    This API now supports custom expressions/conditions by usage of skript-mirror. Makes a lot of sense, since the API was depending on skript-mirror anyway.

    - Added custom expressions & conditions as replacement for functions
    - functions from 2.0 are still kept in the file and are functional (outcomment if not needed)
    - tweaked the scoreboard-tag-wand a bit

    • %entity%'s [scoreboard(-| )]tags ~~~ (get/loop/set/add/remove/delete/reset)
    • %entity%'s [scoreboard(-| )]tag(-| )value %string% ~~~ (get/set/delete/reset)
    • %entity% (0¦does(n't| not) have|1¦has [got]|does have) [scoreboard(-| )]tag[s ] %strings%
    • %entity% (0¦does(n't| not) have|1¦has [got]|does have) [scoreboard(-| )]tag(-| )value[s ] %strings%
    Code (Skript):
    1. command /test:
    2.     trigger:
    4.         add "this", "is", "just", "an", "example" to command sender's tags
    5.         loop command sender's tags:
    6.             send "%loop-value%"
    8.         remove "this", "is", "just" from command sender's tags
    9.         send "%command sender's tags%"
    11.         set command sender's tag value "IsTest" to "true"
    12.         command sender has tag value "IsTest":
    13.             command sender's tag value "IsTest" = "true"
    14.             send "&atrue!, command sender has the tags: %command sender's tags%"
    16.         delete command sender's tag value "IsTest"
    17.         remove "an", "example" from command sender's tags
    19.         send "%command sender's tags%"
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