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  1. R

    Metadata tag for multiple things

    Hello, is there any possible way to set tag (metadata tag) to multiple things like all stones or all player with tag "test2" or something like that here's my code to explain it better on left click: player's tool is stick named "test" set metadata tag "test" of block stone to true...
  2. S

    Trying to add tags to projectiles

    on right-click: player is holding book named "Fire Spell" set {waited} to difference between {claimed.%player%} and now if {waited} is less than 5 seconds: send "&eYou must wait %difference between {waited} and 5 seconds%" stop set {claimed.%player%} to now shoot snowball at speed 0.8...
  3. GK_Nico

    scoreboard problem

    Hello together I have a problem with my scoreboard when I give eg a user coins are the old and the new coins there as well as the rank updater is not could tell me who it can be? Ich habe ein Problem mit mein Scoreboard wenn ich zb ein user Coins gebe stehen die alten und die neuen Coins da...
  4. S

    skAnimatedTags (Under pleayer heads tags)

    Hello guys: Suggested name: skAnimatedTags, skAnimatedNames, skPlayersNameTags What I want: I want to see realy realy some realy good skript for that the player can have under heads 2 maybe 2 lines of Tags, possible to see Prefix player name and suffix and possible option a config in wich...
  5. D

    How to make custom tags to projectiles?

    Minecraft Version:1.8 --- Full Code: on join: if {bc.rifle.%player%} is not set: set {bc.rifle.%player%} to 0 command /getweapons: trigger: if {bc.rifle.%player%} is 0: set {bc.r0.ammo.%player%} to 16 set {bc.r0.leftammo.%player%} to 64...