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API jaylawl's (scoreboard) TagAPI 2.1.2

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.9
  2. 1.10
  3. 1.11
  4. 1.12
  5. 1.13
jaylawl's tagAPI

Vanilla Skript is about to receive scoreboard-tag support in an upcoming version (potentially dev38) - Hence work on this will be discontinued :emoji_slight_smile:


What are "scoreboard tags"?

Scoreboard tags are a feature added to Minecraft in version 1.9. They are strings that are saved within an entity's NBT data (and do not affect scoreboards at all). They may be added to all any kind of living entity, including players, monsters, animals, item frames and armor stands. They can not be applied to tile entities.

You may save any kind of data as a scoreboard tag, but note that it must be applied as a string/text. If you're storing a number as text, you will have to re-convert it back to a number when retrieving the data.
  • Scoreboard tags persist over server restarts
  • Up to 1024 tags can be stored per entity
  • Tags automatically get deleted if the carrying entity dies/despawns
  • Faster than file-storage (yaml/txt)
  • Only strings can be saved as tags
  • A bit slower than Skript-variable storage
  • Data must be converted to/from strings
  • Very useful for cross-plugin communication (for ex.: MythicMobs)
When you'd want to use this storage method is up to you. As with any other storage method, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages in relation to your project.

  • %entity%'s [scoreboard(-| )]tags
    Allows to be get, looped, set, added to, removed from, deleted and reset

  • %entity%'s [scoreboard(-| )]tag(-| )value %string%
    allows to be get, set, deleted and reset
  • %entity% (0¦does(n't| not) have|1¦has [got]|does have) [scoreboard(-| )]tag[s ] %strings%
  • %entity% (0¦does(n't| not) have|1¦has [got]|does have) [scoreboard(-| )]tag(-| )value[s ] %strings%
command /test:
        add "this", "is", "just", "an", "example" to command sender's tags
        loop command sender's tags:
            send "%loop-value%"
        remove "this", "is", "just" from command sender's tags
        send "%command sender's tags%"
        set command sender's tag value "IsTest" to "true"
        command sender has tag value "IsTest":
            command sender's tag value "IsTest" = "true"
            send "&atrue!, command sender has the tags: %command sender's tags%"
        delete command sender's tag value "IsTest"
        remove "an", "example" from command sender's tags
        send "%command sender's tags%"

Old function syntax (no longer supported):
addTag(entity, tag=text)
Adds the given tag to the given entity

removeTag(entity, tag=text)
Removes the given tag from the given entity

setTagValue(entity, tag=text, value=text)
Sets the tag-value of the entity and overrides previous tag-values.

removeTagValue(entity, tag=text)
Deletes any value of the given tag from the given entity.
Loopable value. Returns a list-variable filled with the tags of the given entity. ex.: `set {_tags::*} to getTags(event-entity)`

getTagValue(entity, tag=text)
Returns the value of the given tag from the given entity. Ex.: `set {_value} to getTagValue(attacker, "npc")`. Can also be used as a condition, ex.: `getTagValue(loop-entity, "gameball") = "true"`
hasTag(entity, tag=text)
Returns either true or false. Ex.: `hasTag(player, "noob") = true`

hasTagValue(entity, tag=text)
Returns either true or false. Ex.: `hasTag(player, "noob-state") = true`

Example usage:
Randomly deny 50 % of all villager trades:
on spawn of villager:
    chance of 0.5
    addTag(event-entity, "no_trades")
on right click on villager:
    hasTag(event-entity, "no_trades") = true
    cancel event

Tag a "special entity":
on command /special:
        loop all entities:
            hasTag(loop-entity, "special_entity") = true
            send "A special entity already exists!"
        spawn 1 armor stand at command sender's location
        addTag(last spawned entity, "special_entity")
on damage of armor stand:
    hasTag(victim, "special_entity") = true
    cancel event
on command /findspecial:
        loop all entities:
            hasTag(loop-entity, "special_entity") = true
            send "Found special entity with UUID %loop-entity's uuid% at location %loop-entity's location%"
            teleport command sender to loop-entity's location

on damage:
    hasTag(victim, "golfball") = true
    getTagValue(victim, "ball-owner") != attacker's uuid:
        send "&cThat's not your ball!"

on right click on entity:
    getTagValue(event-entity, "owner") = event-player's uuid
    make event-player ride event-entity

on right click on rabbit:
    hasTagValue(event-entity, "owner") = false
    setTagValue(event-entity, "owner", "%event-player's uuid%")
    send "You tamed this rabbit!"

command "/tagwand":
Use this command to receive a wand that allows you to right click on entities to check the scoreboard tags they have. Works on all except tile-entities. Drop the item from your inventory to have it automatically destroyed.

Special thanks go to @Mr_Simba! He made something very similar to this, except that it uses SkStuff instead of skript-mirror and showed it to me a while ago on bensku's github. That gave me my original introduction to making my own functions and helped me understand Skript a lot. Thanks again!

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