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Script Ion - A Recreation of Essentials v1.5.1

Essentials & more recreated with Skript

  1. Website Fix & probably some other things i did but don't remember doing

    Website Fix
    The download for the website stopped working, so I fixed that. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Probably some other things I did but don't remember doing
    - no idea but changes were made. trust me :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. New Core Module & more Proton Commands

    New Core Module
    This may be quite a bad thing to do now, but I've created a new module called Ion. This script simply allows server administrators to have a bit more control over all of the Modules. At the moment, ion.sk only checks for updates (over all scripts) and allows for easier reloads of the other four modules. (e.g: `/proton reload` will reload proton, instead of having to do `/sk reload <directory to proton>`. This shortcut command will still show errors and...
  3. Bug fixes & Website patches

    Bug Fixes
    ~ Fixed some issues with the /proton command
    + Added an update checker, an autoupdater, a built-in reload command and some other fixes
    + optimized some more code :emoji_slight_smile:

    Website patches
    + Fixed an error with downloading a version - erroring out saying "File error".

    Close to 100 downloads! :emoji_grinning:
  4. Miscellaneous commands

    + /workbench - opens a virtual & usable workbench
    + /me - like the minecraft's /me command, but better formatting
    + /colors - shows all of minecrafts color codes
    ~ /proton command can now check for updates (Use /proton update)
    More optimization

    I got bored one day so I made a website for the Ion Project. All downloads from 1.4.5 and up will be stored on there.
    Currently, Documentation page only contains a few...
  5. Powertools & bugfixes


    After being requested by a few people, I have added the powertool command into Proton.

    Code (Java):
    1. /powertool [left|right(click)|clear] [command|clear]
    Note: Make sure you put the `/` in the command string or else the command will not work

    + Added /powertool
    + Added /list
    + Added /broadcast
    + Added /giveall (not sure if this was already added in the previous update)
    Added /killall back
    ~ Fixed...
  6. Item Info command & more

    New command - /iteminfo (Thanks @sapphyrusxyz for suggestion)
    A new command has been added to Proton. You can now view information about an item. IE: The item's lore, name, & ID.

    Currently only supports 6 lines for the lore, but if you would like to add more, change the amount of...
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  7. Optimization updates

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  8. A new Module! Photon

    Welcome Photon to the Module family!

    New Features from Photon!

    You can now modify specific settings of your worlds to disable Monster Spawning, Animal Spawning, Time Cycle, & more (being added soon)

    You can get more information here.

    Changes to Proton
    + /give command
    + /item command
    + Blacklisted items (mostly for give & item commands)
  9. Warps & New Teleportation features

    New Commands
    Warps have been added to Proton!


    /warp [warpName] (player) = Teleports player to warp location
    /setwarp [warpName] = Sets a warp location to sender
    /warps = Views all warps that are set
    /delwarp [warpName] = Deletes a warp

    You can now safely teleport all players to your location! (Does not cause extreme server latency with 30+ players.)