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Addon HolographicDisplaysAddon 1.0.0b

An addon to hook into HolographicDisplays

  1. LimeGlass
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12, 1.18

    HolographicDisplaysAddon - By LimeGlass

    Source: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/HolographicDisplaysAddon

    An addon to add full support for HolographicDisplays. This addon is using my framework structure so it allows me to make quick updates and get more information when an error happens, if one actually does happen. If you find any bug please tell me in the discussion. Just don't use the review section for that please. Thanks.

    All of the syntax for this addon are generated in a Syntax.yml with information on it, a disabler for each syntax and if it supports what changers.

    Example script:
    Code (Skript):
    1. command /test:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         set {_hologram} to new hologram at location above player
    4.         add text "&5The holographic displays Skript addon test" to hologram {_hologram}
    5.         broadcast "%location of hologram {_hologram}%"
    6.         wait 3 seconds
    7.         set location of hologram {_hologram} to location 3 meters above location of hologram {_hologram}
    8.         add item diamond to hologram {_hologram}
    9.         add text "&6Testing" to hologram {_hologram}
    10.         add item diamond sword to hologram {_hologram} at line 3
    11.         wait 3 seconds
    12.         add item light green stained glass pane to hologram {_hologram}
    13.         add text "&a&l&nBottom line" to hologram {_hologram} at line 4
    14.         wait 3 seconds
    15.         set {_holograms::*} to all of the holograms
    16.         broadcast "%height of holograms {_holograms::*}%"
    17.         broadcast "%creation time of holograms {_holograms::*}%"
    18.         loop creation time of holograms {_holograms::*}:
    19.             broadcast "&6%difference between loop-value and now%"
    20.         broadcast "done"
    21.         unregister holograms all of the holograms


    Code (Skript):
    1. Syntax:
    2.   Conditions:
    3.     CondDeleted:
    4.       enabled: true
    5.       description: Check if a hologram is deleted.
    6.       syntax:
    7.       - holo[gra(m|phic display)] %hologram% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) deleted
    8.     CondIsEntity:
    9.       enabled: true
    10.       description: Check if an entity is a hologram.
    11.       syntax:
    12.       - '%entity% (1¦is|2¦is(n''t| not)) [a] holo[gra(m|phic display)]'
    13.   PropertyExpressions:
    14.     ExprHologramDefaultVisible:
    15.       enabled: true
    16.       changers: '[SET]'
    17.       description: Boolean to determine if hologram(s) are visible by default.
    18.       syntax:
    19.       - '[HolographicAddon] [the]  (default visib(ility|le)|visible by default) (of|from)
    20.         [the] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] %holograms%'
    21.       - '[HolographicAddon] %holograms%[''s] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] (default
    22.         visib(ility|le)|visible by default)'
    23.     ExprHologramVisibility:
    24.       enabled: true
    25.       changers: All changers
    26.       description: A modifiable list of players that can view the hologram.
    27.       syntax:
    28.       - '[HolographicAddon] [the]  [all [[of] the]] (viewer[s]|visibil(e|ity) [list])
    29.         (of|from) [the] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %hologram%'
    30.       - '[HolographicAddon] %hologram%[''s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [all [[of]
    31.         the]] (viewer[s]|visibil(e|ity) [list])'
    32.     ExprHologramLocation:
    33.       enabled: true
    34.       changers: '[SET]'
    35.       description: Returns the location(s) of the hologram(s).
    36.       syntax:
    37.       - '[HolographicAddon] [the]  [all [[of] the]] location[s] (of|from) [the] holo[gra(m|phic
    38.         display)][s] %holograms%'
    39.       - '[HolographicAddon] %holograms%[''s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [all [[of]
    40.         the]] location[s]'
    41.     ExprHologramPlaceholders:
    42.       enabled: true
    43.       changers: '[SET]'
    44.       description: Returns a boolean that sets if the hologram(s) should support placeholders
    45.         or not.
    46.       syntax:
    47.       - '[HolographicAddon] [the]  [allowing] placeholders (of|from) [the] holo[gra(m|phic
    48.         display)][s] %holograms%'
    49.       - '[HolographicAddon] %holograms%[''s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [allowing]
    50.         placeholders'
    51.     ExprHologramCreated:
    52.       enabled: true
    53.       description: Returns the date(s) hologram(s) were created at. Can be used in
    54.         difference between syntax.
    55.       syntax:
    56.       - '[HolographicAddon] [the]  (time created|creat(ion|ed) (date|time[[ ]stamp]))
    57.         (of|from) [the] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] %holograms%'
    58.       - '[HolographicAddon] %holograms%[''s] [holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]] (time
    59.         created|creat(ion|ed) (date|time[[ ]stamp]))'
    60.     ExprHologramHeight:
    61.       enabled: true
    62.       description: Returns the height(s) of the hologram(s). This is determined by
    63.         how many lines it has. It's overall height.
    64.       syntax:
    65.       - '[HolographicAddon] [the]  [all [[of] the]] height[s] (of|from) [the] holo[gra(m|phic
    66.         display)][s] %holograms%'
    67.       - '[HolographicAddon] %holograms%[''s] holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] [all [[of]
    68.         the]] height[s]'
    69.   Effects:
    70.     EffAppendTextLine:
    71.       enabled: true
    72.       description: Add a line of text to the hologram(s).
    73.       syntax:
    74.       - (append|add) text [line] %string% to holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%
    75.         [(in|at) line %-number%]
    76.     EffHideShow:
    77.       enabled: true
    78.       description: Hide or show hologram(s) to player(s).
    79.       syntax:
    80.       - (1¦show|2¦hide) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms% (to|from) %players%
    81.     EffUnregisterHologram:
    82.       enabled: true
    83.       description: Unregister/Delete hologram(s) from existance.
    84.       syntax:
    85.       - (unregister|delete|remove) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%
    86.     EffClearLines:
    87.       enabled: true
    88.       description: Clears the lines of hologram(s).
    89.       syntax:
    90.       - clear [the] lines of holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%
    91.     EffSetTextLine:
    92.       enabled: true
    93.       description: Set a line of text in the hologram(s).
    94.       syntax:
    95.       - set text (for|in|of) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms% to %string%
    96.         (in|at) line %number%
    97.     EffRemoveLines:
    98.       enabled: true
    99.       description: Removes specific line(s) from hologram(s).
    100.       syntax:
    101.       - (delete|remove|clear) [the] lines %numbers% (from|in) holo[gra(m|phic display)][s]
    102.         %holograms%
    103.     EffAppendItemLine:
    104.       enabled: true
    105.       description: Add a hologram line of an item to the hologram(s).
    106.       syntax:
    107.       - (append|add) item [line] %itemtypes% to holo[gra(m|phic display)][s] %holograms%
    108.         [(in|at) line %-number%]
    109.   Expressions:
    110.     ExprHologram:
    111.       enabled: true
    112.       description: Create a hologram at a location. It is returned as an expression.
    113.       syntax:
    114.       - '[a] new holo[gra(m|phic display)] at [the] %location%'
    115.     ExprHolograms:
    116.       enabled: true
    117.       description: Grabs all the holograms currently registered. If the plugins string
    118.         is not set, it will grab all the holograms registered under HolographicDisplaysAddon
    119.       syntax:
    120.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] holo[gra(m|phic display)]s [[(under|for)] plugin[s]
    121.         %-strings%]'
    If you have any suggestions that I should add. Please use the discussion page to notify me about them. If you need any help with this addon as well you can pm me or use the discussion of this resource, Thanks.


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Recent Reviews

  1. sklake
    Version: 1.0.0b
    good addon. If there a function to replace or update the line will be better, btw thanks for this great addon.
  2. TheOnlyRida
    Version: 1.0.0b
    Fantastic addon to support Holographic Display! One thing that I feel is missing are hologram interaction events like events that will be triggered when an entity touches or clicks on a hologram
  3. JustADev
    Version: 1.0.0a
    Nice Addon! I really love the syntax, and the author keeps this addon up to date. Good Job