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Addon FunkySk 1.0.2

A Skript addon to add full support for NoteBlockAPI

  1. Update to 1.15.2

    Fixed plugin.yml
  2. Update to 1.15

    Update to 1.15.2 and updated coding.
  3. Bug fixes

    • Changed type name to fix MundoSk conflicts.
      IMPORTANT: Due to this please delete your old syntax.yml
    • Removed a temporary fix from inventories.
    • Works with latest NoteBlockAPI and latest Skript.

    • The whole NoteBlockAPI has been re-written, thus this addons needs a re-write some day.
    • NoteBlockAPI currently still supports this API structure, it's just all deprecated for the time being.
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  4. Bug fixes, framework update and added Gradle

    If anyone runs into any issues/bugs please private message a developer of FunkySk or use the discussion page. Provide as much information as you can about the issue/bug. This version is quite stable and as of currently FunkySk fully supports everything in...
  5. Bug fixes

    Some bug fixes with the framework of my addons.
  6. Bug fixes and docs test

    Testing if the new Doc system works :emoji_grinning:

    Also made some last minute bug fixes
  7. Notes, layers and more!

    • Layers of a song (Layers are like a schematic of notes)
    • Layer name.
    • Layer volume.
    • Layer notes.
    • Note pitches.
    • Note instruments.
    • Note key (This is like a ID for each note)
    • Songs in directory (Only .nbs files)
    • Fixed up some notes working better.
    • Fixed up some events.
    • Fixed some null pointers.
    • Fixed getting all the listeners of a song player.
    Code (Skript):
    1. ExprSongLayer:
    2.     [(all [[of]...
  8. Hotfix

    Hotfix to determine links or songs properly.