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Script Fancy AFK 2.0

The elegant afk with multiverse support and luckperms integration

  1. system protection - custom sounds - players info

    • added text quotes for /afk+admin+command staff

    • Various text quotes bugs have been fixed
    • it is possible to set custom sounds when a player enters afk mode or exits afk mode
    • you can now see players in afk or afk-protected mode while playing
    • Added safety system to any accidents while afk. In the event that the player leaves the server or is kicked out of the server caused by a connection crash while it is afk,...
  2. The server exit variable was set to 1 due to an oversight

    The server exit variable was set to 1 due to an oversight

    Code (Text):
    2. on quit:
    3.     if {afk.%player's uuid%} = 1:
    4.         set {afkquit.%player's uuid%} to 1
    Changed to

    Code (Text):
    1. on quit:
    2.     if {afk.%player's uuid%} = 0:
    3.         set {afkquit.%player's uuid%} to 1
    I know it was a bad inconvenience but your patience is great, hope you like the plugin, no problem asking for support...