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Decent Tab Completer
A brand new update, that is maybe a bit late, but that'll definitely bring this API to a new level. Check out the new features below

  • Rework: overall reworked the code and how the code is intended to work. There are a lot of changes and new syntax. Check the main page for all the information.
  • New system: The tab-completion feels now like an, yeah, actual tab completer. Instead of having to check for the command with your own tab-complete event, it now does that for you! The only thing you have to do is to define all completions when the Skript loads. This prevents long checks for commands that were not really user-friendly. Don't worry, if you still need to check the command to add certain completions on the moment (like the players online, this changes and is not static), you still can!
  • Quality changes: Now when you type while tab-completing (this is going to feel nice for servers with 1.13+), it will only show completions that correspond to the command you typed. For example if you typed "/test hell" and the completions were configured as "bye" and "hello", it will only show "hello" as a completion.