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Script Chatter Feb/18/2023

Chatter moderation script with chat logs, alt tracking, and more made for the convenience of staff

  1. yea rite
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18, 1.19
    Version: 4

    [-] Fixed Various bugs
    [+] Player Banning
    [+] Player IP-Banning
    [+] Player Muting
    [+] Player Freezing
    [+] Alt tracking

    Please read thoroughly before leaving a bad review or asking for help(ask for help in discord if you need)

    punishmentappeallink:the link banned players will be directed to when punished.
    defaultbanmsg: ban reason if reason is unspecified(also used for ipban)
    defaultbantime: Ban time if left unspecified (also used for ipban)
    defaultmutemsg: mute message if left unspecified
    defaultmutetime: Mute time if left unspecified
    filtermsg: message sent when a player says a filtered phrase
    speakingtoofast: chat cooldown message
    chatismuted: message sent when a player speaks while chat is muted
    nochatdelay: permission for no chat delay
    chatspeed1: permission for 5 second chat delay
    chatspeed2: permission for 10 second chat delay
    chatlogclear: how often chat is cleared
    (To my knowledge, if you dont give a rank/group a chat delay permission the delay wont be applied)

    chatter.chatlog - chat log related features
    chatter.admin - global chat muting, filter editing, chat clearing
    chatter.report - player reporting
    chatter.report.review - report viewing
    chatter.ban - banning players
    chatter.mute - muting players
    chatter.freeze - freezing players
    chatter.alts - alt tracking
    +3 created in options/config - chat cooldown related

    /chatter - chatter.admin
    /filter - chatter.admin
    /clearmute - chatter.admin
    /clearchat - chatter.admin
    /mutechat - chatter.admin
    /chatlogclear - chatter.chatlog
    /chatlog - chatter.chatlog
    /report - chatter.report
    /ban - chatter.ban
    /unban - chatter.ban
    /mute - chatter.mute
    /ipban - chatter.ban
    /freeze - chatter.freeze

    If you find any bugs / exploits or have any feedback message ABadName#3227 on discord
    Chatter was made to work without any addons, so if you have any errors its very likely to be caused by an addon

    Known issues:
    Issue: adding the phrase "filter add"(/chatter filter add filter add) will break the filter
    solution: '/filter reset' or '/chatter filter remove filter remove'

    For more support, join the discord:

Recent Updates

  1. General moderation
  2. Important bug fix
  3. Clear chat bypass fix