⚔ SkRPG - Create RPG Stats !  ✅ +15 Pre-made stats ✅ Fully customizable ✅ Easy API ✅ & More !

Script ⚔ SkRPG - Create RPG Stats ! ✅ +15 Pre-made stats ✅ Fully customizable ✅ Easy API ✅ & More ! 1.3

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Added a new function!

- skRPGDisableActionBarDuration(player, timespan)

Allows disabling a player's action bar temporarily. Useful if you want to send
messages without stacking multiple action bars.
Fixed various bugs.

This version fixes a bug with Vitality stat that prevents player from respawning.
Added 'tool-change' event for updating stats
Updated SkRPG.sk to fix a bug preventing players from respawning.
Fixed an issue with base amount of stats not working.
New addon released!

Another one! Adds 6 new elemental stats.

Moreover you can configure weaknesses and resistances of MythicMobs
in the config file of the addon.

Download here

Enjoy :emoji_slight_smile:
Yep. Another addon !

SkRPGTemporaryStat is available here

This addon allows to give temporary stat bonuses for players.

Very useful for boosters, potions or whatever your like.

Enjoy :emoji_slight_smile:
Addon SkRPGItems released !

Add and remove statistic from your items, and upgrade them !

Custom API and commands included.

Download here (files and wiki)