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  1. Palgia

    Script ⚔ SkRPG - Create RPG Stats ! ✅ +15 Pre-made stats ✅ Fully customizable ✅ Easy API ✅ & More ! 1.3

    What is SkRPG ? If you want to create your perfect RPG server with customized statistics, this Skript is made for you! This script will manage the statistics 100% for you. Use the commands and functions to develop your server without worrying about the rest. Dependencies: Skript 2.8, SkBee...
  2. A

    scoreboard glitch

    hi, im having problems with my scoreboard its buggy and glitching out. Can someone help me with this? my code is this: every 1 second: loop all players: set {_online} to number of all players set name of sidebar of loop-players to "&6&l&n&e&l&nG&6&l&nradeUpWards" wait...
  3. catsorios

    Script Simple /stats skript! 1.0 2021-08-25

    /stats skript easy to read and easy to add to! Images: Not too marked up so it is easy to customize! Please enjoy also, I have not tested the killstreak because I have no friends. so please report any bugs to me.
  4. Z

    Solved Best killstreak not working

    I made command /stats, and the only thing that is not working is best_killstreak. No error when reloading skript. Code: on first join: set {ab::%uuid of player%::killstreak} to 0 set {ab::%uuid of player%::kills_total} to 0 set {ab::%uuid of player%::deaths} to 0 set...
  5. J

    Ranking system?

    How can I create a ranking system with a skript? I have a list in which the kills of a player are listed. How can I make it so that when I enter /stats that there is, for example, Place: 14#
  6. R

    Set dmg to values over 5k

    Hey guys, so updated my server to 1.12 and found out, that "damage victim by {_dmg}" (ofc in on damage event) will set the attacker to "<none>" when the entity is killed. In 1.8 and 1.9 it was OK. If i use "make attacker damage victim by {_dmg}" then the script will infinitely repeat itself ->...