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Nov 27, 2016
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The official skUnity Plugin

Hi everyone,

I am so happy to announce the release of this. I've been working on the skUnity Plugin on and off for quite some time now as a side-project. I've designed the skUnity Plugin to provide a connection between your server and skUnity Forums and skUnity Docs.

The skUnity Plugin accesses existing and new API endpoints to provide the latest information to your server directly without having to leave the server. One of the greatest features is the easy to download resources directly your server and monitor updates of content you have. The best part is that it works with all resources on skUnity and no changes are required to any resources.

Here are a list of features already packed into the skUnity Plugin and more on the way:
  • Get info on your content that is installed and exists on skUnity. You can view all the resource information about the scripts and plugins you have installed on your server
  • And view out of date content without having to constantly watch the forums. skUnity Plugin has a simple to use command to check this for you with a planned auto-updater to come!
  • See the API key holders last 10 downloads and then download them using the JSON messages by just clicking
  • Download skUnity Resources in-game by using a command and the resource ID. The skUnity Plugin will even load them for you without having to reload or restart your server.
  • Connect with skUnity Docs to search them and see your results shown in a JSON list where you can then view more information or if you've just got 1 result, it'll be shown with more information.
  • Skript syntax built-in so you don't need another addon to do skUnity things!
    • Condition: is installed - check a resource is installed by its resource ID
      • [(skunity|sku)] (resource|script|plugin) %integer% (is|does|is not|isn't|does not|doesn't) (installed|exist) [[at] version %integer%]
        • Changing resource, script and plugin changes what is searched. Resource will search both while the others are the specifics
    • Expression: download resource - returns a boolean of true for downloaded and false if the resource wasn't downloaded
      • [(skunity|sku)] (download|get) resource with [id] %integer% [[at] version %integer%]
Some features were planned or in-progress, but were deemed as too much to do quickly and would of delayed release. Here is some planned things:
  • IAn auto-updater that will alert you when it notices things out-of-date and can be set to update content for you
  • Viewing Docs search results examples, which currently are provided but not shown because of technicalities
  • More hooks with Docs and Forums when I figure out what they are
  • An open-source repo once I figure out how to Maven or someone does it for me
  • Resource searching and GUI's once I have the effort to learn how to do GUI's
If you've got any questions or suggestions about the skUnity Plugin please let me know. I can't wait to expand the features of what it can do. I'm hoping that the skUnity Plugin really does allow users to do more with Skript.

BaeFell updated The official skUnity Plugin with a new update entry:

Bug fixes and improvements


The official skUnity Plugin - 1.1
This update only contains bug fixes and general improvements for the plugin.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where an internal error would happen when using the skUnity Plugin with a config key in single quotes
  • Fixed a bug where strings in the config in single quotes would have the single quotes as part of their actual value

Changes & improvements...

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