Tekkit Classic addons?

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Is this possible and should it happen?

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Feb 18, 2017
Basically, my suggestion is for Tekkit Classic (and other older versions of Minecraft) to have a couple addons created for them. Like in 1.2.5 there were no loop variables, as far as I can tell no expressions, and you couldn't even do basic math like adding 1 to an integer variable. I know basically nothing about Java but shouldn't it be incredibly simple to get MOST of the current Skript features into the old versions? Obviously, I understand certain things like particles, hover texts, GUis will be impossible but I mean we should be able to do the stuff I listed before. Anyway, just my 3 cents, thanks for reading <3
It just couldn't understand most things it can understand now, like setting a variable to a player's balance, loop variables, doing math with integer variables, etc.