Take click inventory priority

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Jun 26, 2017
So I am using a plugin called CrazyEnchantments, and one of their features is how they enchant the items with their enchantments. They use a click event in game, so when you drag and drop an enchantment onto a tool, piece of armor, etc.. it has a chance to apply it to the item. This is fantastic and all however I would like to create some incompatibility, I wrote a small skript to try it out, however the plugin Crazy Enchants is still taking priority even though I have skript set on a Highest priority. This is a part of his source code, and I'm pretty sure the place where he says "hey when a player clicks on an item in their inv with this item enchant it" starts on like 68, however from what I could tell I'm not able to change the event priority of that or if you can even have one for inventory clicks? anyways, yes is their a way so I can make skript take priority first.?
Here is the code, when I make a piece of stone with the correct matching lore, it works as it should, however if I do a diamond pick, the CrazyEnchants plugin takes priority which I don't want
on inventory click:
    if name of cursor is "&b&lHellforged I":
        set {_check} to 1
        set {_times} to 1
        while {_check} is 1:
            if line {_times} of lore of clicked item is not set:
                set {_check} to 0
                message "%line {_times} of lore of clicked item%"
            if line {_times} of lore of clicked item is "&7Blast I":
                cancel event
                message "Sorry but those items do not work with each other"
            add 1 to {_times}
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