Reseting players uuid

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Nov 6, 2021
Yo so I'm making a server and the whitelist for some reason didn't work I was able to fix that but I noticed people got items its not a huge deal other than the fact I don't anyone to have an advantage. how to reset all player's UUID? I can do the lp's and everything I just want to reset all the inventories thanks!
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This would clear all inventories once. Consider removing all the playerdata from the world instead, so everything is being completely cleared, from Enderchest, to inventory to exp.
Don't forget the possibility of Chests and Shulker Boxes, which would also need to be cleared.
on join:
    if {clearInv::%player's uuid%} is not set:
        clear player's inventory
        set {clearInv::%player's uuid%} to true