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Locations, .5

Discussion in 'Skript' started by Marsbar, May 7, 2020.

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  1. Marsbar

    Marsbar Active Member

    Mar 31, 2019
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    Hi im having an issue with this cell skript im making. When you claim with the stick, it set coordinates.
    The issue is that it changes the coordinate depending on the server. It claims wrongly (Is that a word?). Sometimes it adds 1 more or 1 less on the z or x coordinate.
    Code (Text):
    1. on click:
    2.     player's tool is blaze rod named colored "&c&lCeller":
    3.         if {cells.claiming.%player%} is not true:
    4.             set {cells.claiming12.%player%} to location of targeted block
    5.             set {cells.claiming.%player%} to true
    6.             send "&6&lClaiming: &6Position 1 set: (%x coordinate of {cells.claiming12.%player%}%, %y coordinate of {cells.claiming12.%player%}%, %z coordinate of {cells.claiming12.%player%}%)"
    7.             cancel event
    8.             stop
    9.         else if {cells.claiming.%player%} is true:
    10.             set {cells.claiming22.%player%} to location of targeted block
    11.             set {cells.claiming.%player%} to false
    12.         if y coordinate of {cells.claiming12.%player%} is bigger than y coordinate of {cells.claiming22.%player%}:
    13.             set {cells.claiming2.%player%} to {cells.claiming12.%player%}
    14.             set {cells.claiming1.%player%} to {cells.claiming22.%player%}
    15.         else:
    16.             set {cells.claiming2.%player%} to {cells.claiming22.%player%}
    17.             set {cells.claiming1.%player%} to {cells.claiming12.%player%}
    18.         if y coordinate of {cells.claiming22.%player%} is equal to y coordinate of {cells.claiming12.%player%}:
    19.             set {cells.claiming1.%player%} to {cells.claiming12.%player%}
    20.             set {cells.claiming2.%player%} to {cells.claiming22.%player%}
    21.         send "&6&lClaiming &a&l✔ &6Positions: (%x coordinate of {cells.claiming1.%player%}%, %y coordinate of {cells.claiming1.%player%}%, %z coordinate of {cells.claiming1.%player%}%) (%x coordinate of {cells.claiming2.%player%}%, %y coordinate of {cells.claiming2.%player%}%, %z coordinate of {cells.claiming2.%player%}%)"
    22.         cancel event
    Thats when you claim the coordinates.
    Code (Text):
    1.             set {_1} to "%x coordinate of {cells.claiming1.%player%}%"
    2.             set {_2} to "%y coordinate of {cells.claiming1.%player%}%"
    3.             set {_3} to "%z coordinate of {cells.claiming1.%player%}%"
    4.             set {_4} to "%x coordinate of {cells.claiming2.%player%}%"
    5.             set {_5} to "%y coordinate of {cells.claiming2.%player%}%"
    6.             set {_6} to "%z coordinate of {cells.claiming2.%player%}%"
    7.             loop 6 times:
    8.                 replace all ",5" in {_%loop-number%} with ""
    9.                 replace all ".5" in {_%loop-number%} with ""
    10.                 set {_%loop-number%} to {_%loop-number%} parsed as an integer
    11.             wait 1 tick
    12.             remove 1 from {_3}
    13.             remove 1 from {_6}
    14.             set {_p1} to "%({_1})%,%({_2})%,%({_3})%"
    15.             set {_p2} to "%({_4})%,%{_5}%,%({_6})%"
    16.             execute player command "//pos1 %{_p1}%"
    17.             execute player command "//pos2 %{_p2}%"
    18.             wait 1 tick
    19.             clear {cell.%arg-2%.owner}
    20.             set {cell.%arg-2%.world} to world of targeted block
    21.             clear {cell.%arg-2%.Members::*}
    22.             set {cell.%arg-2%.signcoords} to targeted block
    23.             set {cell.%arg-2%} to arg-2
    24.             set {cell.%arg-2%.l1} to {cells.claiming1.%player%}
    25.             set {cell.%arg-2%.l2} to {cells.claiming2.%player%}
    26.             clear {cells.claiming1.%player%}
    27.             clear {cells.claiming2.%player%}
    28.             add arg-2 to {cells.all::*}
    29.             execute player command "/rg d %arg-2%"
    30.             wait 2 ticks
    31.             execute player command "//sel"
    I can't understand why it changes coordinates depending on the server.
    And is it possible to get the coordinate of a block without the 0.5?
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