Custom Punishment GUI

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So, I basically want to create a custom Punishment GUI, but I'm having some problems with the history.

When you do the command /punish <player>, I want it to bring up this GUI:

Head: Player's Head, Player's Name
Redstone Torch: Close GUI
Anvil: General Offence
Paper: Chat Offence
Sword: Gameplay Offence
Redstone Block: Other Offences

When you click one of these, I want it to bring up this GUI:

Flowers: Different kinds of Offences (when clicked, brings to next GUI)
Torch: Back Button (brings to the previous page)

Now, on the bottom row of the above GUI, I would like it to be the player's history for that particular type of offense (e.g chat, gameplay, other, general). In the history, I would like there to be: the reason of previous punishment; date of punishment; the reason of removal; date of removal and removal staff. If a punishment is still going on, then it will look as if it is enchanted. If it hasn't been removed, then the reason of removal and date of removal and removal staff won't show. You can remove punishments by right clicking them.

After the user has clicked an offense on this page, then the following will come up:

Red Clay: Cancel (close GUI)
Green Clay: Confirm Punishment (do it)
Torch: Back to the previous page.

You also might've noticed that I don't want a reason argument. This is because I want the target player to be punished for the reason that is clicked. For example, if a staff member clicks "Fly Hacking", then the target player would be banned for "Fly Hacking (%target player's world%)"

While I'm here, I'd also like to ask, is there a way for a tab-list to show only players in the current user's world?

It'd be great if someone could create the punish skript for me! <3

Wow... posted in wrong sectino.... Please moved it to Request. well... >_<
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