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  1. R

    wand cooldown with changing cmd

    Hello! I'm trying to make wand that changes custom model data on cooldown, but I don't know how to select that specific item even if player is not holding it! Here's my code every 0.1 second: loop players: if {cooldown_necromancers_wand::%loop-player's uuid%} is "active"...
  2. P

    evoker wand

    hey im working on a wand that spawns 20 evoker fangs on blocks. i want them to be in a straight line and to make the line face the player i use: skquery skrayfall
  3. A

    How to determine the number of animals at the specified coordinates

    I used a translator. The number of cattle will continue to be zero when coded below. What should I do? %{;;s}% is # options: prefix: &eAnimal&f> command /animal [<text>]: permission: lom.op trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "{@prefix} /animal wand &c->...