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How to determine the number of animals at the specified coordinates

Discussion in 'Skript' started by asdf, May 20, 2018.

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  1. asdf

    asdf Member

    Feb 4, 2017
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    I used a translator.

    The number of cattle will continue to be zero when coded below.
    What should I do?

    %{;;s}% is #

    Code (Skript):
    1. options:
    2.     prefix: &eAnimal&f>
    4. command /animal [<text>]:
    5.     permission: lom.op
    6.     trigger:
    7.         if arg-1 is not set:
    8.             send "{@prefix} /animal wand &c-> &fGive a wand."
    9.             send "{@prefix} /animal check &c-> &fcheck number of animal"
    10.         else if arg-1 is "wand":
    11.             set {_wand} to feather named "&cAnimal Check Wand" with lore "Left click: select pos %{;;s}%1||Right click: select pos %{;;s}%2"
    13.             give 1 of {_wand} to player
    15.             send "{@prefix} Left click: select pos %{;;s}%1"
    16.             send "{@prefix} Right click: select pos %{;;s}%2"
    17.         else if arg-1 is "check":
    18.             if {animalcheck.pos1} is not set:
    19.                 send "{@prefix} please select pos %{;;s}%1"
    20.             else if {animalcheck.pos2} is not set:
    21.                 send "{@prefix} please select pos %{;;s}%2"
    22.             else:
    23.                 set {_animals} to 0
    24.                 loop all entities:
    25.                     set {_loc} to loop-entity's location
    27.                     set {_animals} to number of cows in {animalcheck.pos1} and {animalcheck.pos2}
    28.                 send "Number of animals : %{_animals}%"
    30.                 delete {animalcheck.pos1}
    31.                 delete {animalcheck.pos2}
    33. on leftclick:
    34.     if player has permission "lom.op":
    35.         set {_wand} to feather named "&cAnimal Check Wand" with lore "Left click: select pos %{;;s}%1||Right click: select pos %{;;s}%2"
    36.         if player's tool is {_wand}:
    37.             cancel event
    38.             set {_click} to event-location
    39.             if {_click} is not set:
    40.                 stop
    41.             else:
    42.                 cancel event
    43.                 set {animalcheck.pos1} to event-location
    44.                 send "{@prefix} First position set to %event-location%"
    46. on rightclick:
    47.     if player has permission "lom.op":
    48.         set {_wand} to feather named "&cAnimal Check Wand" with lore "Left click: select pos %{;;s}%1||Right click: select pos %{;;s}%2"
    49.         if player's tool is {_wand}:
    50.             cancel event
    51.             set {_click} to event-location
    52.             if {_click} is not set:
    53.                 stop
    54.             else:
    55.                 cancel event
    56.                 set {animalcheck.pos2} to event-location
    57.                 send "{@prefix} Second position set to %event-location%"
  2. Mr_Simba

    Mr_Simba King of the Pridelands

    Dec 9, 2016
    Likes Received:
    You don't need to use a variable like {;;s} to insert #, you can just put in two in a row, for example you can do "##1" to show #1.

    You'll need a somewhat more involved solution for this, I don't think there's a simple effect to count the number of entities in a square box. You'll need to compare their coordinates individually (X, Y, and Z) to see if they're between the coordinates of your selected box.
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