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  1. W

    Solved Function problem - need help

  2. L

    Help with skript-holo

    Hello, I am creating a skript where you create a hologram. command /civilization: permission: civ.view trigger: if {civce.u} is true: open virtual chest inventory with size 5 named "&eCIV&3&lCRAFTER &8| &7Menu" to player format gui slot 20 of player with...
  3. C

    Solved Teleport player in world?

    Hello. Whenever I try teleporting a player in a specific wold and location, it dosen't work... Also.. I forgot how to set the spawn point of the player to its location? This is the error: [20:59:11 ERROR]: '-67, 67, 58' is not an entity type (simple motd.sk, line 285: teleport player to -67...
  4. N

    Shoot arrow from loc at nearest player

    Hello. I can't get this to work, and you are allowed to change what I currently have or you can make a completely new skript for this to work. command /turrettest: trigger: shoot an arrow from {blueturret.1} at speed 1 nearest player command /settheturretblue: trigger...
  5. H


    Want to make a holo object, with an id. And when you rightclich a holo object with a special id, it runs a command. Erorr: https://gyazo.com/305fb5b73d719ffb4cf11082b09f8de1 command /holo: trigger: create holo object "&2Hologram!;ItemStack:Diamond Sword;&9test 1!;&6Test" with id...
  6. H

    Solved Pay system

    Info: It gives me no errors when i reload the skript, the problem is i can send more keys than i have, and i can aslo send a key type that is'nt gold, iron, or diamond. arg 1 is player arg 2 is a number arg 3 is a type (Iron,Gold,Diamond) Variables: {jern.pol.%player%} {guld.pol.%player%}...
  7. H

    Solved code

    There is no problems with the skript, i'm just curious, is there a way you can do this faster? CODE: command /title: aliases: /tags trigger: open chest with 6 rows named "&e&lTitles" to player wait 3 ticks player has permission "kek.sk": player has...
  8. H

    Solved prefix

    I get this error, and im a bit confused, i can swear this skript worked perfectly 1 week ago, and i haven't changed anything in it. Do i miss some skript addons, or anything? Error: https://gyazo.com/dc7f5cf4efb19f186c28efcb965febac Code: on chat: if {team.%player%} is not set...
  9. H

    Solved Hide players with cd

    It dosen't give me any errors when i reload the skript Code: on rightclick holding a gray dye: if {reveal.%player%} is 1: wait 1 tick hide all players from player send "&aDu har gjort alle spillere usynlige" set slot 1 of player's inventory to shiny light...
  10. H

    team eco

    So i'm working on a team skript, and i've made a team eco system, but i have a problem, i can deposit to the team balance, i can see how much the team have on their balance, but i can't take from a balance, the "/teamfarvesæt" command will change the team color, and i would like to make it cost...
  11. H

    Solved gui problem

    Problem: I can't make an item in my gui, the 4 red glass panes work, but it's dosen't work. Skript addons: Skript skDragon ExertSK skUtilites LargeSk TuSKe SkAction skRayFall WildSkript RandomSK SkQuery ExtrasSK SkStuff Error: https://gyazo.com/992505b0e2b4f7dbd98a63e04c154b53 Code: if arg 1...
  12. H

    Solved right click holding a skull

    I want to make a profile gui, but i get a error, i've tried "on rightclick holding a skull of player" Code: on join: set slot 0 of player's inventory to skull of player named "&a%player%'s Profil" on rightclick holding a skull: open chest with 3 rows named "&aDin Profil" to player...
  13. H

    Solved Bossbar that blinks

    Problem: I want to make a bossbar that blinks, but i get this error. Error: https://gyazo.com/64a03bc41ce51cc6408667b0e1986c18 Code: every 0.2 seconds in "world": loop all players: If {bossbar} is 0: set bossbar named "&bDu spiller på &e&lLazygamers.net" for player to...
  14. H

    Solved open a chest in a chest

    Minecraft Version: 1.8 Code: on rightclick on a entity: if name of entity is "&bMissioner": open chest with 3 rows named "&e&lServer Missioner" to player wait 5 ticks format slot 13 of player with diamond shovel named "&aGrave mission" with lore "&cDu har mined...
  15. H

    Solved Other players heads

    Layout: Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev20c) Skript Author: Hartvig Minecraft Version: 1.8 --- Code: format slot 0 of player with skull of player named "&6Profile &a%arg 1%" with lore "&cTotal blocks mined! &a&l%{totalminedblocks.%arg 1%}% " to be unstealable Troubleshooting: So how can i...