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  1. eyzk

    [HELP REQUEST] Addons for Tutorials!

    Making Your First Skript a work-in-progress tutorial I'm creating a Skript tutorial, and want to include a list of popular addons, but I'm not sure which ones to include. Please reply with any addons you've used, which version they're for, and what they do! Thank you to everybody that helps...
  2. Slaim36

    Skript On Tab Completer

    Tab completer is the command's argument completer, in a manner of speaking, obviously. In this case we can complete the /gamemode arguments using the TAB key To use the tab completer in skript, we need a script with our command, this is the mine: command /gm <gamemode>: trigger...
  3. Ripdog1

    [YouTube] Ripdog1's Channel - Skript Tutorials, Minecraft Minigames and More!

    Hello guys, I just recently started a YouTube channel that I will be posting Skript tutorials on the basics about Skript and will be going more into depth as the tutorials proceed. I will also be uploading other videos such as minigames, unique survival series, and much more. If you ever need...
  4. Mr_Simba

    Skript Things you probably didn't know were available in vanilla Skript

    I've been getting tilted in the skUnity Discord for a while now when seeing people recommend add-ons for simple operations which have been possible in vanilla Skript for months or even a year or two now, so I figured it would be good to have a comprehensive list here of things which vanilla...
  5. Aidanete

    Other [NBTSk] How to use NBTSk!

    NBTSk for dummies As I've recently uploaded NBTSk, I think is a moment to make a tutorial. When I'm writing this, the script is pending approval. All you know what NBT Tags are, and we know that skript don't provide enough support for this stuff, so NBTSk works well for your server, because...
  6. LimeGlass

    Skript General Skript Tutorial

    A very helpful tutorial that helped me learn Skript. This was all written by Demon on the DBO forums before they got removed. I modified some of it to be more grammatically correct or to update to present methods. (If something should be changed let me know) Hello and welcome to Skript! Here...
  7. Rezz

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    WARNING see https://forums.skunity.com/threads/outdated-dont-use-yaml.3850/page-2#post-57240 Unfortunately, YAML is one of the most inefficient things you can do in Skript. It may seem like a convenience -- or even a necessary enhancement -- at first glance, but the harsh reality is: no...
  8. W

    Other Block Effects

    This is a tutorial for effects with blocks. We will now start with a radius from the location of a block. This code loops entities in a radius of 5 around the block's position. loop all entities in radius 5 around blocks's location: Now we will add an event for in which this loop will occur...
  9. Tuke_Nuke

    TuSKe GUI Manager Tutorial

    About: GUI Manager is a feature of TuSKe to help you to make your GUIs easily, making automatically to handle any possible way the player has to get the item out. Syntax: What the effects do: There is 4 types of actions: do nothing (aka as unstealable from SkQuery), run command, run...
  10. L0v0lup

    Skript Skript Tutorials + Showcase in German

    Hey guys! Im doing for a while Skript tutorials on YouTube. Im working with Skript for almost 2 years now. I had a Server-Network with 8 Servers, most of them was powered by Skript :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Sadly i dont have my Server anymore.. So all i can do is sharing my experience with you...