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  1. FokaStudio

    on break of spawner: working only in creative

    on break of spawner: set {_nbt} to nbt of event-block drop 1 spawner with nbt "{BlockEntityTag:%{_nbt}%}" so this is basically my code, and for some reason, all spawners that drop are pig spawners EXCEPT when player is in creative mode. I have attempted to fix it several times, but...
  2. R

    Custom Spawners

    I want to make a plugin that loops the blocks around a player and has a very small chance of them becoming spawners. I am having 2 issues one whenever I do this it uses the default spawners which is pig and I was wondering how to make that something else and I want it to only loop blocks that...
  3. sOxTw

    add mob spawner with ID:AUX

    Well I tell you my problem, when I try to give a spawner mob in the following way "mob spawner: 50" (it would be from creeper) it does not let me give me the following error ':50 named "&c&lSpawner de Creeper" with lore "&aCanjeado por:||&e%player%||&aEl Dia: &e%now%||||&eEspecie: Creeper"' is...