skript 1.8

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  1. D

    I need help with a team balance skript

    It has no errors but only on player can join a team I have skript, skquery, skrayfall and skellett command /team: trigger: if {red::*} > {blue::*}: set player's prefix to "&9" add player to {blue::*} send "&9You have been added to blue team" to player else: if...
  2. S

    on right click on player

    on right click on player: set {_hitlocation} to location of victim wait 1 tick teleport victim to {_hitlocation} push victim up with force 0 push victim in direction of attacker with force 0 if victim is player: if attacker is player: make victim...
  3. M

    trying to make a friend system

    hey im trying to make a friend system but i cant figure out how to - make the name not yellow and to follow the prefix's color heres the code: else if arg-1 is "add": if arg-2 is set: set {arg2player} to arg-2 parsed as offline player if...
  4. T

    Can someone check this for me?

    Hey! I have been trying to make a report command. There has been no errors, but I was wondering your guy's inputs! Please keep in mind that I am not the best Skripter, and I may add unnecessary parts, if you could mention them out to me, that would help a lot! I used skUnity Parser with this...
  5. K

    Empty configuration section - help :)

    How can i solve this my skript on damage of player: if event-world is "world": projectile exists projectile is a arrow attacker is a player kill victim the error [03:36:46 WARN]: Empty configuration section! You might want to indent one or more of the subsequent lines to make them belong to...
  6. G

    Make %arg-1% more than only one word.

    So basically I have the following: command /console [<text>]: permission:rac.use trigger: if arg 1 is not set: send "&cUndefined Arguments." stop else: console command "/%arg-1%" stop How can I make it so arg arg 1 can...
  7. varboosted

    Json help

    Hello how can i make a skript message with Json that when you click message it goes to a site? Tried this not working overall (i know its not for a site) command /store: trigger: message "<tooltip:hello world>Hover me for a tooltip!<reset>"
  8. B

    How to fix Skript load error. In my localhost it was normal.

    I already trying to use 2 different skript version, but it still have the same problem. Skript-v2.2-SNAPSHOT Skript-v2.2-Fixes-V8b > [19:39:10 ERROR]: #!#! > [19:39:10 ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: > [19:39:10 ERROR]: #!#! > [19:39:10 ERROR]: #!#! If you're developing an add-on for Skript...
  9. C

    Make NPC damage player

    Hello, can someone help me, how to make the npc to damage a player? I testet this already: (make|force) [the] (npc|citizen) %citizen% [to] (target|attack|damage|follow) %entity% [[with] [aggressive [state]] %-boolean%] I testet for example this: command /test: trigger: make npc...
  10. P

    how to change the player's name when pressing tab in chat

    So I've wanted to make a skript like hypixel's /nick, anywho how can I change the player's name when tabbing in chat? Is there a way to do it, if there isn't can you tell me how to hide the player's name when they see online players in chat.
  11. M

    Help with open chest with skull

    Hello, yall i wanna make script for open chest as Skull player i have a lots of problem please solve it on place chest If player have chest named "BAG: PLAYER eg. BAG: majescio25" if player dont have skull named "PLAYER's Head" in inventory then cancel event [return chest to inv] no place if...
  12. Mani

    Solved Why doesn't it working?

    on break: if broken block is in radius 50 around {warp.farmwelt}: cancel event
  13. jonawoning

    Solved Skript if message starts with "!" not working.

    Title: Skript if message starts with "!" not working. < I have skript like: on chat: if {kd.%player%} is "Kingdomloos": cancel event broadcast "&7[&fKingdomloos&7] &7%coloured player's displayname%: &7%message%" else: set {hash} to "##" set {procent} to...
  14. C


    Hello I need help with my scoreboard. My script: It always comes the error: 'player' is not an item stack (, line ...: .....) I am happy about any help! German: Hallo Ich brauche Hilfe bei meinen Scoreboard. Mein Skript...
  15. C

    Solved Ranks awarded by books

    English: Hello I have a problem. I want to give ranks by clicking on a book in the inventory! Then I want if you clicked on the book that it disappears. I have multiple ranks and when you click on a book, all the books in the inventory disappear. Here is my script:
  16. Mani

    Solved How can I use skript mirror? It doesn't working. I want to disable level drops of chickens.

    if the attacker is a player: if the victim is a chicken: clear drops event.setExpToDrop(0)
  17. Mani

    Solved How can i disable level drops of chickens?

    on death: if the attacker is a player: if the victim is a chicken: ...
  18. Mani

    Solved Why doesn't it working?

    on any move: if entity is a chicken: cancel event
  19. I

    Can someone make a Server Tutorial plugin in Skript for 1.8 Mc Version?

    Can someone make a Server Tutorial plugin in Skript for 1.8 Mc Version? k? Ty <3 #iThink_
  20. G

    Solved Why doesn't this skript work

    When I execute this skript it says that my variable {screenshare} is on when it isn't supposed to be.