skript 1.19

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  1. D

    Solved Reaction events

    Hello! I have a skript made for reaction events: options: winner: &e&l%player% &r&aanswered first with &e&l end: &r&a! noans: &cNo one knows the answer: &6&l keytype: tripwire hook keyname: "&a&lCommon &r&7Key" keylore: "<##ff0000>Use &l/warp crates &r<##ff0000>to open!"...
  2. D

    Solved On holding more than one crate key it doesn't work anymore

    Hi everyone! I have made a skript for crates: options: # KEYS: keytype: tripwire hook keyname: "&aCommon &7Key" keylore: "&cUse /warp crates to open!" on rightclick: if event-block is shulker box: if block below event-block is fence: cancel event...
  3. U

    buyable kits issue

    i downloaded addon Ersatz so i can use placeholders from other plugins. i loaded placeholder %vault_eco_balance_fixed% but when i try to buy a kit it says i don't have enought money, so could you help me please? my balance was 8640$ here is code: else if event-slot is 36: set...
  4. U

    How do I track blocks being broken by the block below it?

    Hi, I have a block (that is breakable when the block below it is broken). It needs to remove some entities around it and drop a custom item when breaking it. I use `on break` for that. However, if I break the block below it, the `on break` event doesn't run. How can I circumvent that? Thanks.
  5. Cebix4k

    Problem with Delete and set list on my skript

    My Server is running on 1.19.1 Paper i m Using Skript Skrayfall SkQuery Skeleton Skript-Gui SQ-Library Score (UPDATE) So i have Recoded the Code and now is the code Responding now i have the problem to remove the id from list while list is set brot and brot2 in the list can't removed by the...
  6. M

    Solved villager jobs

    how to prevent peasants from changing professions. For example, when a peasant takes the profession of a blacksmith, I do not want him to leave this profession in any way that he will remain in the profession of a blacksmith until he dies.