skript 1.17

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  1. O

    can't be set to because the latter is not an object

    Hello, I'm trying to revive an old server with a hologram leaderboard system using MorkazSK and skript-holo but whenever I try and reload the Skript file, it brings this error: {_slevels::*} can't be set to 'sorted {gold::*} from highest to lowest with format "@{index}"' because the latter is...
  2. N

    Spawn blocker

    so I want a skript so when you get in combat you can not enter back into spawn i have a combat tag skript i made but idk if you need it ill just put it here it needs to work 1.17 on damage: if attacker is a player: set {combat::%attacker's uuid%} to now set...
  3. B

    region enter script

    hi, so im new to skript and was wondering on enter region: send "Welcome to %region%!" to player how do i get it to not say in world "world", i want it to just say Welcome to spawn, or Welcome to forest
  4. IiIthe_oneIiI

    Reward on player kill HEEELP!

    Yo boys im pretty trash at skripting but I thought you guys could help could you guys make a small skript that gives a small chance for a play to receive an item on player kill like 35% maybe or 40 doesnt matter PLEASE AND THANKKSSSS. ps. 1.17 please idk how it works..
  5. Jacknug

    Solved if loop-block = {var} doesnt work

    every 15 seconds: set {var} to a random element of sand,red_sand loop all blocks in region "Area": set block at loop-block to a random element of sand,red_sand wait 5 seconds loop all blocks in region "Area": if loop-block = {var}...
  6. 8

    Teleport player to [location] then teleport them back

    Is there a way to teleport the player which executed the command to 257 90 -58, then after 10 seconds, teleport them back? ----------------------------- I'm trying to make an admin room, I have this as the base: command /admin: permission: settingstp.admin permission message: You...
  7. A

    Skript deposit command

    hello im trying to make a /deposit command for my minecraft server can you help command /deposit <number>: permission: op trigger: if player has < arg-1 of lime concrete named "&a&l$%arg-1%": send "&cYou do not have enough money" else: add arg-1...
  8. C

    "if players's cursor slot is 1" Does not seem to be working

    if players's cursor slot is 1: set slot 1 of player's current inventory to glowing gray concrete named "&6Set %{selector}% rank to &7default&r&6!" with lore "&6Sets %{selector}% rank to &7default&6!" thats the code all im trying to do is replace that slot item with that if thier...
  9. IiIthe_oneIiI

    crit damage

    So im looking for a skript where I can do a command or put in a name -example-&b&lwindbreaker-and I can edit the crit damage I also want where it shows the crit damage in the disc I've looked around and I cant find anything I hope someone will help
  10. A

    Stacked Items In A Recipe

    Im using SkBee to make custom crafting recipes. I want to grab stacked items (like the image shown below) in the crafting table to only make 1 of the item. How would i do this? My Skript: on load: # Coal Drill Lvl 1 set {_loc} to location(184.5, 5.5, -252.5, world("Blocks"))...
  11. O

    Solved Periodic event error

    Hello, I was trying to merge a sidebar with a kill counter skript and it continues to give me this error. "There's no world in a periodic event if no world is given in the event. Attached is code.