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  1. A

    Semi Anti Cheat Skript - HELP! (simple code)

    i want to make a system that if there is a player have a permission "*" and the name of player is not "Name1", "Name2" or "Name3", it will remove the permission. i make this code, please help. code: every second: if player have permission "*": if name of player is not "Daichi_keii"...
  2. Yushaa

    Can someone make a sword named &dBlade Of Gaia that gains +1 sharpness level per kill?

    Can someone make a sword named &dBlade Of Gaia that gains +1 sharpness level per kill? I also want the sharpness maximum to be 10
  3. S

    There's no player in a periodical event

    Hello, i'm trying to do a scoreboard where it can show your job in a game i'm working on. In my first script I set {job::%player%} as the players job and in script 2 (scoreboard script), i try to use that variable but it gives me an error saying "There's no player in a periodical event". I've...
  4. SkillAura

    Lightning Sword

  5. TheDever

    Tablist Prefixes

    - Problem So i made a tablist skript but i got 2 problems. 1# - It only shows to 1 person in the server. 2# - I don't know how to do the prefix on tablist. Any Help? Here is my skript! ```every second: loop all players: set loop-player's tab list header to "&e%nl%&e&lSPACESSKIES...
  6. S

    See amount of players in world

    Hello, how do I check the amount of player in a world and if it is 8 then start a countdown using titles from 5. Bit of a weird post but I think you guys can help me!
  7. V

    How can i check the inventory for all different heads?

    Hi! Im using the skript version 2.6.4, and i've got this 'problem': if player's inventory contains more than 1 ...: Im curios about, what i should type so it works for every single head in the inventory. Things like "player head" or "minecraft head" doesn't work, so do you guys have any idea...
  8. J

    Use "strike lightning effect at the target" to add variable values when zombies die

    I'm making a script that increases damage by adding values to variables when I kill monsters. My script is to right-click, summon lightning and kill damage The phrase is strike lightning effect at the target block @loop all living entities in radius 5 around target block: @@damage...
  9. I

    Help with custom heads in a GUI

    I tried to use SkStuff using variables didnt help i tried to use mundosk but it just showed errors if someone could help me i would appericiate it.
  10. L

    Killaura Bot Skript Not Working

    I recently searched some skript to spawn a killaura bot around a player to detect if he is cheating. I installed citizens and skellet with npc true in config.yml I don't know how to fix it command /adminbot <player>: trigger: circleBot(arg-1) message "&eChecking %arg-1%!" set...
  11. L

    Can't set a location within a loop

    Skript Version: 2.6 Version: 1.17 Author: Me The code: set {finishinglocation.%loop-player%} to location at {finishinglocationx.%loop-player%} , {finishinglocationy.%loop-player%} , {finishinglocationz.%loop-player%} I've been stuck on this problem for the past day and a bit, searching through...
  12. G

    Solved Grass wont drop custom items

    on break of long grass, fern, large fern or tall grass: cancel drops chance of 100%: drop wheat seeds named "&aSeeds" at event-block The custom seeds are dropped when I break ferns, large ferns, and double tall grass. But nothing happens when I break normal grass. I've tried many...
  13. M

    Why loop not working

    command /joindungeon: trigger: if {dungeon.begin} is false: if {dungeon.%player%.begin} is false: set {dungeon.%player%.begin} to true add player to {dungeons.players.list::*}...
  14. M

    Solved Can someone help me console not executing command

    command /joindungeon: trigger: if {dungeon.begin} is false: if {dungeon.%player%.begin} is false: set {dungeon.%player%.begin} to true add player to {dungeons.players.list::*}...
  15. B

    Solved Last person to hit a player before there mode gets changed.

    Hi SKUnity I was writing a skript to award 100 points to the "killer", and 10 points to everyone still alive, but the issue is the when the player is "killed" in the plugin i am using (Skywars reloaded), they don't actually die in game, just get turned into spectator mode. This makes it...
  16. Z

    Solved Giving Variable not Working

    Im trying to create a crate system. What i want it to do is when clicked on it gives you a random element from a list variable. on right click on lime stained glass: if player is holding a tripwire hook: cancel event clear {list::*} add "stone" to {list::*}...
  17. Yodexx

    New Years Eve Countdown?

    Hey! I'm looking for a new years countdown skript that supports all (or at least MOST) timezones around the world! The reason why, is because I have players coming on my server around the globe, and on new years we'd like to throw sort of an epic party. :emoji_grinning: I know the New Year is...
  18. X

    Bungeecord give skript

    Hi i want to skript bungeecord item making skript is there such a thing?
  19. SmallDev

    Solved Can't read if variable is set?

    I'm making a shop, and have a lot of things working now, but I want to check if a player has his or her boost set up, if not I want to set it to 1, but when I check if it is, I always get the output that it wasn't any help would be appreciated thx. on right click on entity: if name...
  20. SmallDev

    How to make it so only one person can activate an hour.

    Basically, for my booster Skript I'm making I only want one player to be able to use a booster an hour, here's what I'm working with. on click: if player's held item is sunflower named "&6Rainy Weather Booster" with lore "Increases fishing speed" and "Right click": send...