skript 1.15.2

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  1. B


    Hello I am trying to make guns in Skript 1.15.2 but I don't want to use arrows. Snowballs and Eggs don't work. So my plan was to use armorstands and push them forward but when I try making them NoGravity they dont fly forward. And I don't even know how to detect if someone got hit by a...
  2. E

    Solved GunGame

    Category: Other/Kills Suggested name: None Spigot/Skript Version: 1.15.2 What I want: When a attacker hits the victim in the water the attacker gets a point/kill and the victim dont dies, it gets back teleported to the spawn. No commands needed just this attacker water thing. Ideas for...
  3. G

    How to make a tab complete

    Skript Version: idk how to find that Skript Author: GTNT_Animatios Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 Is there a way to make a tab completer for sub-commands for skript? like this but...
  4. B

    if player is in world: give effect

    Hi, could anybody help me doing a skript? I want to do that if player is in world world, then it gives to him a effect of regeneration. Thank for response
  5. F

    Solved i have problem on this prestige script

    command /prestigebook [<player>]: permission: trigger: give 1 of written book named "&7&ki &5&lPrestigious &d&lSkyFlood &7&ki" to arg-1 on join: if {prestige.%player's uuid%} is not set: set {prestige.%player's uuid%} to 0 on chat: send "%player's display...
  6. C

    Hey i need help, im kinda new to skript and i dont really know why my skript isnt working.

    on damage: if (final damage/2) is greater than player's health: cancel event set the player's gamemode to spectator send title "" with subtitle "&cYOU DIED!" to player im trying to make a minigame death.. like in Hypixel Skywars
  7. N

    How can I detect a player's EXP level?

    Hey, I'm trying to make a leveling system in one of my servers, where the higher your level is, the higher the maximum health you have. At first, I tried this: if players exp level is equal to 3: set the maximum health of the player to 6 But Skript can't seem to understand the event...
  8. Arownic

    Solved How to make a custom error message?

    Currently trying to modify a StaffChat skript where when ever you did just /sc without text it give you a error message. Skript: options: scprefix:&8[&4StaffChat&8]&7 command /sc [<text>]: trigger: if player has permission "is.staff": if arg-1 is set...
  9. Jimsk

    Higher Lower

    Category: Skript 1.15.2 Suggested name: Higher Lower Spigot/Skript Version: 2.4.1 What I want: The game in casinos "Higher Lower" Ideas for commands: /higherlower /hl Ideas for permissions: anyone can do it When I'd like it by: A reasonable time What i have at the moment: command...
  10. Jimsk

    Bingo in skript

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Bingo in skript Spigot/Skript Version: 2.4.1 What I want: I would like to make a bingo in skript where it gives everyone a piece of paper of which when right clicked it opens a gui with size 5 filled with random numbers. Then it will display titles of a number...
  11. O

    Auto-Harvesters not working

    every 2 seconds in world "world": loop all blocks: if loop-block-1 is a composter: set {autoharvcomp} to {_loc} of loop-block loop all blocks in radius 5 around {autoharvcomp}: if loop-block-2 is fully grown wheat plant: set...
  12. M

    on rightclick on diamond block:

    So I have made this skript that teleports a player to a random level when they right click on a diamond block, but it only works with players who are op, and normal players cannot right click the diamond blocks. on rightclick on diamond block: if player is holding air: set {map} to...
  13. Jimsk

    Bulk Sell

    I have a skript where when i right click on an item, it gives me $1, but when there are multiple stacks of said item, it takes a while and gets very tedious when you have to sell them 1 at a time. Is there a way to make it so that if there is more than 1 item in the stack, it sells them all at...
  14. Jimsk

    How to loop sounds

    Is it possible i can loop a /playsound using skript?