skript 1.15

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  1. C

    How to make if block under player is not {(text about a block)}?

    Tried this: every tick: if {wool.threading11} is not set: set {_plrs} to 0 loop all players: if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle": add 1 to {_plrs} set {%loop-player%.playing} to false if {_plrs} is 1: set...
  2. C

    Capes in Skript???

    Hi! How could I make a player wear a cape when he joins? I saw the make player wear cape %itemstack% but then I get that It cannot recognize this. Help.
  3. Bixia

    Stop spawning items

    does any one know how to stop the cobble from spawning after the wool is broken on place of white wool: set {drop} to event-block add 0.5 to y-coordinate of {drop} every 5 seconds: drop 1 cobblestone at {drop} DISCORD - boxmonkeyqb#7877
  4. S

    Solved Lore New Line Skript

    I have tried every single thing to make it work, but I just can't manage to do it. I tried doing it with " || " but It just won't work, aswell with %nl%. Please Help! format slot 12 of player with skull of {_head1} named "&b&lStaff" with lore "&7IGN &8&l» &b{@Owner1}||&7Rank &8&l» &bOwner" to...
  5. C

    not allow /dupe for enchanted items

    i have the /dupe skript which dupes items how do you make it so players cant dupe enchanted or lored items heres what i have so far command /duplicate: trigger: give player's tool to player i tried to add a if and else but i dont know how to put: if players tool is enchanted ...