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How to make if block under player is not {(text about a block)}?

Discussion in 'Skript' started by CassioTDS, Apr 22, 2020.

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  1. CassioTDS

    CassioTDS Member

    Jul 8, 2019
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    Tried this:
    Code (Text):
    2. every tick:
    3.     if {wool.threading11} is not set:
    4.         set {_plrs} to 0
    5.         loop all players:
    6.             if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    7.                 add 1 to {_plrs}
    8.                 set {%loop-player%.playing} to false
    9.         if {_plrs} is 1:
    10.             set {wool.threading11} to true
    11.             loop all players:
    12.                 if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    13.                     send "&6[&eWool shuffle&6] &5: &cGame starting in 30 seconds!" to loop-player
    14.             wait 20 seconds
    15.             loop all players:
    16.                 if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    17.                     send "&6[&eWool shuffle&6] &5: &cGame starting in 10 seconds!" to loop-player
    18.             wait 5 seconds
    19.             loop all players:
    20.                 if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    21.                     send "&6[&eWool shuffle&6] &5: &cGame starting in 5 seconds!" to loop-player
    22.             wait 5 seconds
    23.             loop all players:
    24.                 if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    25.                     send "&6[&eWool shuffle&6] &5: &cGame starting!" to loop-player
    26.                     teleport loop-player to {woolshuffle.ingametp}
    27.             set {_plrs} to 0
    28.             loop all players:
    29.                 if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    30.                     add 1 to {_plrs}
    31.                     set {%loop-player%.playing} to true
    32.             if {_plrs} is 0:
    33.                 loop all players:
    34.                     if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    35.                         send "&6[&eWool shuffle&6] &5: &cNo players found! Restarting!" to loop-player
    36.             else:
    37.                 set {plrPlayingWool} to 0
    38.                 loop all players:
    39.                     if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    40.                         if {%loop-player%.playing} is true:
    41.                             add 1 to {plrPlayingWool}
    42.                 while {plrPlayingWool} is not 0:
    43.                     set {plrPlayingWool} to 0
    44.                     loop all players:
    45.                         if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    46.                             if {%loop-player%.playing} is true:
    47.                                 add 1 to {plrPlayingWool}
    48.                     set {_woolnum} to a random integer between 1 and 5
    49.                     set {_woolnum.1} to "orange wool block"
    50.                     set {_woolnum.2} to "magenta wool block"
    51.                     set {_woolnum.3} to "light blue wool block"
    52.                     set {_woolnum.4} to "yellow wool block"
    53.                     set {_woolnum.5} to "lime wool block"
    54.                     loop all players:
    55.                         if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    56.                             send "&6[&eWool shuffle&6] &5: &c%{_woolnum.%{_woolnum}%}%!" to loop-player
    57.                     wait 5 seconds
    58.                     loop all players:
    59.                         if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    60.                             if {%loop-player%.playing} is true:
    61.                                 set {_blockunder} to block under loop-player
    62.                                 set {_expected} to {_woolnum.%{_woolnum}%}
    63.                                 if {_blockunder} is {_expected}:
    64.                                     send "&aYou survived this round!" to loop-player
    65.                                 else:
    66.                                     set {%loop-player%.playing} to false
    67.                                     send "%{_blockunder}%" to loop-player
    68.                                     send "%{_expected}%" to loop-player
    69.                                     teleport loop-player to {woolshuffle.outgametp}
    70.                                     send "&cYou got eleminated!" to loop-player
    72.                     set {plrPlayingWool} to 0
    73.                     loop all players:
    74.                         if loop-player's world is "Woolshuffle":
    75.                             if {%loop-player%.playing} is true:
    76.                                 add 1 to {plrPlayingWool}
    77.                 delete {wool.threading11}
    Prints out "Light wool block" <-- i am standing on
    and "Light wool block" <-- what you need to stand on
    Normally that would mean I pass this round but to skript, nope.
    Weird. Help pls!
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