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  1. G

    Help with particle skript (with skdragon)

    I have this skript: drawRings particle "redstone", RGB 80, 255, 255, center player, id "%player%", rainbowMode true, randomRotation true, animated false, radius 1, ringCount 4, ringDensity 10, visibleRange 32, pulseDelay 2 It is working but idk why i cant see the particles and i have particles...
  2. C

    Solved Need Help With SkDragon Particles

    Hey! So I've been trying to make a wand that shoots a fire beam that deals damage, I have everything right so far, excepty the part where SkDragon comes in, it doesn't give me any errors, there's just no particles no matter what SkDragon code I put on right click: if name of player's held...
  3. UntitledGaming

    skdragon particles not showing

    # AMONG US on region enter: wait 4 ticks if "%region at player%" contains "scan-skeld": make player execute command "/task scan" on any movement: if {scan.%player%} is true: cancel event # TASKS command /task <text>: trigger: if arg-1 is "scan"...
  4. D

    SkDragon particles not displaying.

    Skript Version (do not put latest):2.5-alpha6-MH Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.16.3 Code: on right click: if player's tool is an enchanted book named "&6Eternity": player's target is set distance between the target and the player is more than 25: message...
  5. T

    Solved I need help with particles (skDragon)

    Hello! I am developing a Valorant in Minecraft with Skript. I get to the point, I need to make the skDragon particles get on the target block and not on the player. This is the current code I have: drawSphere style 1, particle "cloud", center player, id "%player%.esferajett1", rainbowMode...
  6. sluhtie

    ArmorStand Particles [SkDragon]

    Hello, currently I am trying to make a ArmorStand spiral particle effect with SkDragon. My Problem is that the Skript loads without any errors but it still doesen't work. Maybe someone can help me out a bit? Here is my current Code: command /test: trigger: loop all entities...
  7. E

    Particle error (skDragon)

    i want to make a particle line from player to target block but an error appears. drawLine particle1 "redstone", RGB 0, 0, 255, particle2 "redstone", RGB2 0, 0, 255, center player, target target block, id "%player%", rainbowMode true, solid false, density 2, length 0, zigZag count 0, height 0...
  8. E

    Particle color and amount (skDragon)

    hi. i want to change the color (blue) and the amount of the particles in skDragon. drawLine particle smokelarge, XYZ 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, center player, target location of target living entity, id "%random number between 0 and 100000%", rainbowMode true, solid false, density 2, length 0, zigZag...
  9. Wolwer

    Solved block break particle

    Hello! I need to create redstone block break particles (for "blood explosition" kill effect). I think, I need to use skDragon. Can you help me? Like this: (but 2-blocks high at location of player) Thx <3 nvm I made it drawDot count 250, particle "blockdust", material redstone block, XYZ...
  10. T

    How can I make particle projectiles

    How can I make a particle projectile? Before, I used umbaska particle projectiles but now It says that doesn't recognize this condition/effect and skdragon equal with its condition and effect Im using skript 2.1.2, umbaska 2.0 Beta 5.5.1, skquery 3.21.4 and skdragon 0.14.0 with spigot 1.8 but I...
  11. Danbo

    Solved Shooting a particle beam with SkDragon?

    I just got SkDragon and couldn't find a tutorial on how to do so. Could someone show me how? Thanks! NVM I figured out how. :P
  12. Selvati

    skDragon NyanCat

    I found examples for a lot of particle effects in skDragon, except for the nyancat effect, on this list I also tried messing with many variables from here But if someone could please reply with a...
  13. Jeroeno_Boy

    SKDragon drawRings not working

    i cant figure out what's wrong, i checked 5 times and rewrote 1 time, plz help me with this problem code: drawRings particle smoke, XYZ 1, 0, 1, center target, id "%player%-launch1", randomRotation false, animated true, raduis 3, ringCount 1, ringDensity 4, visibleRange 320 Error:
  14. Elsmok

    Homing Particles?

    Hello I am using skDragon on MC1.8.8 and i was wondering if there is a way that particles could home in/follow the targeted person, and also if there is a way i could determine the speed of the particle and for it to damage the entity when it reaches it. bump
  15. T

    Particle projectiles in SkDragon

    I want to know if is possible to make particle projectiles like umbaska in skdragon or with skdragon's effects, and if is possible, how I know this effect: drawDot count 5, particle blockcrack, material stone, center event-projectile, visibleRange 8, pulseDelay 2, keepFor 8 seconds but I don't...