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  1. A

    Shoot arrow from location to player

    Hey! So the goal for this skript is to have this ability type item that allows you to create a helper that will stand still and shoot arrows towards the victim Skript: on damage: if name of tool of attacker is "&c&lArcher Ability": create a citizen named "&c&l%attacker%&c&l's...
  2. A

    Shoot snowball rendered as...

    snowballs are able to be rendered as other block/items in minecraft (screenshot from is it possible to do this in skript? this is the code ive got but doesn't work (im also using the addon SkBee) on right click with stick: shoot snowball add...
  3. I

    'on damage' doesn't work in commands

    I have this here: command /avadakedavra: aliases: /ak trigger: if player is holding a stick: message "Avada Kedavra!" make player shoot snowball on damage: projectile exists projectile is a snowball...
  4. uGim

    Solved Problem with skript directions.

    I am a beginner at skript and I have been trying to make a command which makes the player shoot an arrow to all nearby players. I have tried many ways of doing this command and I have searched tons of sites and threads for this "direction problem" and I haven't found answer. So the error says...
  5. P

    Examine shoot a block by a player

    How can I skript "if a player shot a specific block do..."?
  6. ayoungcoder

    Solved turret script help

    im trying to make a turret but i cant make a fireball/arrow shoot from one location to another shoot a fireball from {loct} with speed 5 to player is what i tried, but it fails on the to player part, i also was not able to use things like at player. chislep told me to to do something with...
  7. FistoF

    WWII-style gun turret

    Category: Technology Suggested name: Gun Turret What I want: I'm working on a Minecraft server based on the Second World War, so I need a script that makes my structure functional. On use:
  8. krainser

    Solved How to define data to a projectile?. [Weapons skript]

    Skript Version: 2.2dev23 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.10.2 --- Full Code: I saw this code in another help post. [ ] I would like to define data to a proyectile (Name of the shooter and damage or a number) so, in a...