WWII-style gun turret

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Feb 11, 2017
Category: Technology

Suggested name: Gun Turret

What I want:
I'm working on a Minecraft server based on the Second World War, so I need a script that makes my structure functional.

On use:

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This is what you want
on rightclick on lever:
    set {_1} to block at location 2 blocks behind event-block
    {_1} is iron block
    set {_2} to block at location 3 blocks behind event-block
    {_2} is iron block
    set {_3} to block at location 4 blocks behind event-block
    {_3} is gold block
    set {_s} to block at location 5 blocks behind event-block
    loop blocks in radius 2 around event-block:
        if "%loop-block%" is "non-burning_furnace":
            send "Sorry, No fuel!"
            stop loop
        else if "%loop-block%" is "furnace_on":
            send "Alright, Shoot!"
            shoot an fireball from {_s}#Doesn't work for me somehow
            stop loop
with a little help i could contiue it.
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erm idk. maybe
 shoot a fireball from {_s}'s location at speed 5 in the horizontal facing of event-block
but you might need to make it the opposite direction of event-block im not really sure
I don't have time but you can check THE direction by looking To THE order of THE iron blocks And THE gold block if THE distance between THE last iron block And gold block is like 1 blocks on THE positive x axis then you look for THE facing. Another option is To replace THE gold block with a dispenser And look To THE datavalue of THE block To determine what direction its facing.

"If random words are capatelized sorry my phone is dooing this"