shoot arrow

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  1. RedDiamond

    Solved Need Help For Simple Shooting Script

    Hei So i've made a script for shooting entity when holding an item and I wanna make it so player can't spam it, so like I want a cooldown/delay for every shoot, I hope someone understand lol This is my current script, I want to make a delay for every fireball shoot #Fireball Shooter on...
  2. Redblock6

    Shoot arrow at specific coordinate

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2-dev36 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- Full Code: Note: If the code is too large, feel free to use a pasting website (Pastebin or hastebin) Note: If a variable is being set in another script, but not shown, please explain how they...
  3. SeriousGuy888

    Solved Shoot arrow that cannot be picked up?

    Already solved. Hi. I'm trying to write a guns script. The gun would fire an arrow but I don't want people to be able to pick up those arrows. Is there a way to do that? if player has 1 {@pistolammo}: shoot arrow from the player at speed 2 #I want to make it shoot an arrow...
  4. uGim

    Solved Problem with skript directions.

    I am a beginner at skript and I have been trying to make a command which makes the player shoot an arrow to all nearby players. I have tried many ways of doing this command and I have searched tons of sites and threads for this "direction problem" and I haven't found answer. So the error says...