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  1. V

    Armour equip event not working

    Hello, I have installed SharpSK, and I am trying to make armour add a stat when equipped and remove it when unequipped. The unequipping event works removes the stat when unequipped, but the equip event doesn't seem to be adding the stat. Can anyone help? No errors are displayed when reloading...
  2. A

    Solved How can I check if a player is registered on AuthMe through a Skript?

    I already tried SharpSK and all its forks, but the code doesn't work. SharpSK is in my /pl list but the code that I found in the docs doesn't get recognized. Any help? What I tried is: on join: if event-player is registered: # do something else: # do something else...
  3. V

    Skript Timer Help

    I am trying to setup a system, where when a player dies, it will create a variable, equal to 1 real life day in the future. Then, it will create a variable that updates every second, with the time until that 1 day in the future. I need the variable to be formatted like "X Hours, X Minutes, X...
  4. P

    Does anyone know how I VERIFY A REGION?

    ``` if arg-1 is "delete" or "dell" or "remove": if arg-2 is "%arg-2%": if "%region at player%" contains "%arg-2%": send "[region info]" sharpsk delete region "%arg-2%" in world "world" ``` Erro: if "%region%" contains...
  5. T

    Create worldguard region.

    MY script: on place of gold block: loop blocksInCube(event-location): if loop-block is yellow terracotta: cancel event message "&cСлишком близко к другой базе!" to player set {_cancel.rg.create} to true if {_cancel.rg.create} is not set...
  6. Kesem Hershcovich

    Can't change lore and enchant to event-item

    I'm trying to make a Smelting Touch with Skript, associated with TuSKe. I tried to make the pickaxe have a chance to get the Smelting Touch "Enchantment" (A Lore With Unbreaking 1), and when I try to change the item that got enchanted's Lore, the script prints this problem when reloading it...
  7. Selvati

    sharpsk armor event broken?

    So I was pondering through my old files, updated all sk addnos and sk to their latest versions, everything works perfectly except it seems sharpsk on armor equip: Stuff Heredoesn't work.. I have this and have tried testing in many ways and nothing makes it past the first line.. sharpsk on...
  8. Sharpjaws

    Addon SharpSK [1.8 - 1.12+] 1.6.3

    Requires Java 8. Java 7 is no longer supported Docs/Syntaxes: You can still find all the syntaxes here: About: SharpSK is an addon that is packed with support for a lot of different plugins that you will be able to interact with in skript. It also...